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Notice the brief update from STORY referring to the "snakes deceiving him".
So much secrecy this last week, so few involved in the behind the doors decisions making it that much easier for them to orchestrate disinfo campaigns worldwide.
Take for example the rather common knowledge the FED RES has been neutered and the accompanying IRS gone. Yet there he is, OBAMA I mean, calling for increased powers for the FED RES. WE can not explain this as yet, WE are working on it. Obviously you can't have them gone on the one hand and endowed with increased power on the other.
Other developments are equally non-sensical. First, we have intense confrontation between OBAMA and certain Generals with mid level Military (backing the return to the Constitution) resulting in package movement toward us BY THE MILITARY. Then we have the Military itself secreting the trigger packs to a location controlled by them, on orders from OBAMA, and a return to the attacks on our accounts led by the PENTAGON. How to explain? How to reconcile??
First, we have OBAMA admitting publicly the Country is out of money and the debt and deficit are not sustainable. Then we have his regular weekly proposal for another trillion dollar expenditure, in this case nationalized health care.
First, we have gratuitous statements from around the world in support of the dollar, the Japanese and Russian Finance Ministers this past week for example, (on the heels of statements out of CHINA) which does not comport with a new, global, asset based monetary system to include a gold backed Treasury Dollar as disclosed in the PETER SCHIFF newsletter last week or new currency already in the banks as many have reported.
First, we have the rather common knowledge of Basel III regulations being applied to domestic banks Monday at midnight yet we have OBAMA taking to the airwaves today to describe his own revised regulatory regime on domestic banks to be enforced by an expanded Fed Res Board with new power to close down private companies such as Insurance Companies.
First, we have fully subscribed Treasury Auctions continuing week after week while the world, above the Finance Ministers level, says they are chocking on U.S. debt and want no more of it.
First, many domestic banks can't meet the reserve requirements of Basel III when the need to "reserve" for trillions of off balance sheet "assets" are accounted for and yet we see no public acknowledgement of this inescapable problem.
First, we have a President who talks of openness and transparency then we have him firing his own Inspector General when he exposes corruption by Democratic Party members ( Mayor of Sacramento and New York University using public funds for personal use).
First, we have OBAMA and the banks in lock-step to preclude deliveries now we have the banks working to get the packs out armed with World Court orders and acting in defiance of OBAMA orders. .
First, we have the World Court, bribed over and over again, now it says "we will go straight, play it by the book" and issuing orders to get it out.
First, we have every countries gold stolen, including U.S. Gold and moved out of the U.S., then we have Treasury (according to Schiff) coming with a new dollar backed by 1/24th gram of Gold.
First, we have every member of the Administration and their controlled talking heads talking "recovery" everyday, meanwhile the crash continues and the debt trap is increased exponentially week after week.
There are many more dichotomy's but I tire of this exercise.
OBAMA is the best Presidential "communicator" I have witnessed in my lifetime, by far. He calls it a "gift", I agree. And his speech writers are outstanding I think. And his teleprompters help too. Unfortunately he/they appear to live in a place of "make believe" which amounts to "all power to the Government". Why? Because the world is unfair and they are true believers in their Ideologies which are Socialist at a minimum. Sometimes I see him as completely sincere but hopelessly naive. He proposes this morning to turn over every aspect of American financial life, which controls every other aspect of American life, to the FED RES. You know who and what that is don't you? Isn't it safe to assume he does too? Therefore the turnover of our country to the ILLUMINATI is intentional, BLATANTLY INTENTIONAL. Its the opposite of what we desire and have expected. It is Pelosi, Reid, Geithner, Bernake, Dodd, Frank, the CFR and the "takeover" long underway increased in speed by a factor of a hundred. How can any informed American fail to see this? This is not simply additional levels of "regulation" being added to the existing system. This is the handover to the Fed Res of total control of all aspects of the financial services industry including peripheral industries. This is not only preservation of the status quo but an expansion of the status quo. Fortunately his proposals are proposals. He can't yet make law by himself. Hopefully the OBAMA/ILLUMINATI takeover of America will be stopped otherwise you can kiss Sovereignty and the Constitution goodbye.
WE have been sitting on intell for some time which says OBAMA is to be gone by midnight July 3rd. You see the significance? First, OBAMA announces his handover of the Country to the Illuminati via the Fed Res but second, OBAMA is to be gone by midnight July 3rd. This Intell comes from several highly placed sources in different disciplines. How to explain, how to reconcile? WE don't know everything. WE wonder today whether we know anything.
The subterfuges s s s s underway at this time are massive and currently impossible to determine where it starts and where it ends. It involves OBAMA, the Military, the Intell Agencies, the Treasury, the Fed Res, the Politicians and all the Illuminati operations at a minimum. They are pro's, WE are amateurs.
The ratings agencies have downgraded the banks this morning and all bank stocks are falling. Does this reflect their knowledge that the off balance sheet garbage is to come front and center?
Now our "Dear Leader" has proposed a recognition MONTH for Homosexuals. A full month, each year, to "recognize homosexuals".
Meanwhile Michelle, in an interview this week has said that her top priority as First Lady will be to establish in the United States a "Universal School" where children will be housed from kindergarten through high school, wear uniforms, housed and fed and taught according to government mandated curriculum and "there will be no more fat kids". Welcome to Communism, Welcome to Fascism, Welcome to Nazi Germany and Communist China, Welcome to La La Land as defined by Michelle Obama. This is her TOP PRIORITY AS FIRST LADY.
The American people are like SHEEP being led to the slaughter. Do the people get the Government they deserve? Is this the "change" you voted for?
The news has been that deliveries will be today, that the carriers have it. WE no longer trust the "news" as WE conclude that everyone everywhere is being intentionally mislead as described above.
"They" now recognize the World Wide Co-operative effort to expose their corruption and to uncover the truth. Time and time again they have been "burned" by the exposures here and elsewhere. The circle of those "in the know" has become smaller and smaller, the doors closed tighter and tighter. There is a constant barrage of ABC generated "confetti" flowing each day. WE don't trust anyone's intell anymore, not because we view them as dishonest but because we think everyone everywhere is being intentionally mislead.
Our perspective on OBAMA has not changed, NEVER have WE seen anyone who can say one thing in the morning, do exactly the opposite in the afternoon while keeping his kool-aid drinkers so mesmerized they can no longer observe the obvious.
"Today's deliveries" were to commence early so WE can observe that so far "it ain't happening". Experience with BUSH and now OBAMA has taught us that the opposite of "the news" is often the truth. The World Court has asked for another chance to play it straight? What if this is not true? The Banks and OBAMA are now at each others throats? What if this is not true? Two bribed "delegations" have been recalled for corruption? What if untrue? OBAMA not allowed to bribe and blackmail the world? What if untrue? Trigger packs retrieved and enroute? What if untrue?
To summarize this rambling mess, WE are not sure what the heck is going on. Opposites are appearing simultaneously. Opposites are appearing simultaneously.
WE will stay with it and clarify when possible.
                     casper   6-17-09  #1
p.s. Several have asked us to explain the details of Basel III. WE can't.
       WE hear it is 14,000 pages long and WE have not seen yet.
                            Good Luck.