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CASPER UPDATE #1 - Addendum: JUNE 15, 2009

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ALL phone lines to Europe and the Far East were busy all night Sunday, likely a reflection of the intensity of the goings on in D.C.. WE therefore found it necessary to communicate with certain parties through the public posting last night which we prefer not to do as we are aware it causes anxiety with the recipients. However, we are all in this together are we not? So we do what we must to get the job done. 
WE don't know how OBAMA manages to spread his "hypnotic fairy dust" over those supposedly representing the world. It boils down to a sales pitch of "lets steal the money and split it 50/50 and to hell with the people." Notifying those who protect the accounts was one of the reasons for the posting last night along with the e-mails which, thanks to WENDY, enjoy immediate worldwide distribution.    
The "trigger packs" have been held since last Wednesday or Thursday at Fort Benning Georgia. Specialist Personel from there have joined Military Specialist at the Pentagon trying to break into our accounts. OBAMA has also hired Professional Hackers who are trying to break the codes as are personel in TREASURY and at THE SUPREME COURT. Meanwhile the World Court is saying "any contract can be broken" while OBAMA says "there is no code that can't be broken".
Now WE hear this second "delegation", which replaced the previous bribed delegation, has been recalled and is leaving the U.S. starting today. Some of the current "delegates" have admitted to this current bribery scandal. WE also hear demands from around the world that the WORLD COURT be immediately abolished as they are completely corrupt and can no longer be trusted.
Stealing the money is a high priority for OBAMA. An even higher priority was stopping Basel III from coming into domestic banks as it destroys their Fraudulent Financial Playpen and likely exposes already implemented scams and at the very least may expose what they have done with many TRILLIONS created from air, given to the Banks and charged to the people.
Tough luck Mr. President, WE hear Basel III was brought to the U.S. last midnight by-passing the perceived need for deliveries first and that the consequences to the U.S. Govt and U.S. financial system will be staggering.  
Of equal priority is stopping the announcements and the subsequent demise of OBAMA and the D.C. Corporation and all its personel. Once fully exposed the loss of their political positions is likely to be the least of their troubles.  The top secret goings on up there have been around the clock and WE are not privy to the negotiations or their final outcome if in fact there is a "final outcome".  
So far they have failed to break into our accounts. At the very least they are trying to "scatter" the funds to create more of the substantial delays we have already endured. Those protecting the accounts are "on the job".
In recent days there have been several admissions to the effect that the Military and the World Court are well aware that OBAMA is in office illegally. Whether this is a reference to his being foreign born or to his election to the Corporation and not the Republic is unclear.
WE don't know yet how all the above will be overcome as WE have been rather busy uncovering the above and reporting it to those who can do something about it.
Will report again when possible.
                   casper  6-15-09  #1