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The fur has been flying all weekend. Basically OBAMA thinks he is Gods gift to the world and his staying in office is absolutely necessary if the world is to survive. He is no different in this respect than BUSH and others who, once in power, and upon discovering their Emergency Power, refuse to relinquish this power.
OBAMA has been stopping deliveries by ordering the Military not to deliver those packages which must come first to start the dominoes falling. This has caused conflict within the Military between those supporting him and the status quo and those who support a return to the Constitution and all the things WE constantly write about. It has been amazing to US given the overt nature of his never ending blockages that any messenger anywhere could not have become aware of this, afterall it has involved not only his highly visible blockages but also the necessary responses from the Court, The Countries and the World which have brought us to this current stage of the crisis.
Today OBAMA issued an Executive Order to stop deliveries. The World Court and others in this country have ordered that it be ignored. As a result WE anticipate deliveries will now proceed without further interruption. OBAMA was willing to see the world go up in flames rather than to agree to the changes.
After additional plane loads of "friends" arrived yesterday it was made exceedingly clear to him that if this stalemate was not reconciled immediately the entire U.S. financial system would be coming down beginning midnight tonight. Still he refused to bend.
As matters stand right now, early evening Sunday, WE expect the first domino to fall momentarily thereby releasing a flood of good news for the U.S. which simultaneously flushes the toilet known as Washington D.C., which, by the way, is in absolute turmoil as I write with the House and the Senate trying to blame each other for this crisis getting out of hand to the point that EXPOSURE is in the offering and the destruction of their utterly corrupt and fraudulent financial playpen and Government participation therein is imminent by FORCE rather than cooperation.   
                  casper   6-14-09  #2