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An OBAMA spokesman has just stated, "No programs will ever be paid, the IMF Countries will never be paid, not Freedom or anything else so quit bugging us about it". "This is our money and we will get it one way or another".
The "Delegation" which made the deal with OBAMA is being completely replaced and some of the replacements have now arrived. The Countries say the delegation was not sent here to be bribed by OBAMA.
The World Court says the "warrants" will be executed today.
WE have heard this before of course so we wait now to see if they make good on their threats/promises.
The "trigger packs" which were mentioned in the previous update and which were being held at the secret location to preclude other program deliveries had never even been "sorted" for nation wide distribution proving they had no intention of delivering them.
Yes the money is in place.
Yes, most of the good news items you are hearing about are true.
Yes, the "second rail" is ready in all respects.
Nevertheless OBAMA continues to block deliveries.
                 casper   #2