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The packs had again been positioned for delivery tonight and tomorrow. They are no longer where they are supposed to be.
Today OBAMA made a deal with the COUNTRIES promising them their funds tomorrow, Saturday, convincing them we do not have to go first and telling them again that we will not receive-ever.
The packs have been located, they are not out for delivery.
The World Court has advised the Countries and those who protect the funds have again advised everyone everywhere that certain packs must be received and accessed before the Countries can access their funds.
WE are informed that the packs are being retrieved as we speak, they will again be disbursed tonight and WE again anticipate deliveries tomorrow and suggest you plan accordingly.
Worthy of special note was/is the willingness of the "delegation" to sell all of us down the river in their deal with OBAMA, all they cared about was getting their own funds and to hell with everyone else.  
WE also hear that as a result of this additional act of sabotage the arrests' are also "back on go".
                        casper   6-12-09  #2