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After the overnight verbal fights with GATES and the attempts to access our accounts from the PENTAGON a "delegation" arrived this morning representing several COUNTRIES and accompanied by a number of World Court Judges. There were meetings with GATES, PELOSI and HILLARY.
Meanwhile the packages were again being positioned for delivery beginning late today. OBAMA and GATES have now ordered the packs returned from the bases near us TO THE PENTAGON where they will attempt to access our accounts using the cards themselves, a task they will soon learn to be impossible.
WE hear this huge fight over these particular packs is because their delivery releases all else for delivery and is the beginning of the announcement and arrest process. WE have stated this many times over the years and WE continue to hear it is true although others may disagree. If this were not true why is the rest never delivered, a question WE have asked so many times before.
The "delegation" reportedly met with the media today after GATES refused to answer questions from the media.
AS you can observe the fight over these packs remains incredibly intense and the bad guys, led by OBAMA, GATES, HILLARY, PELOSI and many others continue to disregard the Court and the Countries, indeed the entire world.
Their very survival is at stake.
More when possible,
                  casper   6-11-09  #2