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The packs did come back out late yesterday.
They arrived at the appropriate destinations and were then ordered back to D.C. again, by GATES.  
The Pentagon tried all night long to access our accounts. WE knew last night they were using "banks" (multiple) computers in the attempts. This morning WE learn the attempts were coming from many different sections of the Pentagon, first one then another.
The attempts were blocked, the Countries were notified.
At the Bilderberg meetings in Greece the OBAMA Administration was excessively represented not only by such as Kissinger, Geitner, Summers, etc from the monetary/finance arena as would be expected, but several reporters commented on the heavy U.S. Military contingent. This is the Illuminati which tells the likes of OBAMA and GATES where to sit and what to say.
Prior to becoming Sec. of Defense Gates was head of the See Aye A. Those Pentagon computers would not be doing what they were doing without his knowledge and approval. Add to this the on again off again arrest of various Military personel and what we have is a witches brew being served to the world with Gates/Obama/Hillary/Pelosi and various Generals doing the serving.
Early this morning WE were already hearing of further problems, further delays. Below WE will explain things as WE understand them. There is conflicting intell. There is always conflicting Intell. WE have always reported our own intell and will continue to do so now.
WE hear the packages were back in place last night for delivery this morning. Overnight GATES ordered them back to D.C.. GATES has several GENERALS assisting him. This morning the Junior Military is in full revolt against GATES and the COUNTRIES-ALL- the COUNTRIES notified GATES that they are aware of his overnight activities and unless he reverses himself immediately he will be immediately arrested. After verbal fisticuffs GATES reversed his orders. Packs on the East Coast, having already arrived back in D.C. were turned around and are out again. Planes enroute to D.C. from the West Coast were turned around in the air and are headed back to the West Coast. As a result of all this WE expect deliveries to be today, likely a late afternoon start.
From the above WE can observe a split in the Military ranks with the good guys winning what appears to be the final battle. The COUNTRIES have been instrumental in overcoming overnight a last ditch effort by OBAMA/GATES and certain Generals in the Pentagon to steal the funds which included, by the way, the accounts belonging to the Countries.
WE expect deliveries.
WE expect announcements to follow soon after.
WE expect the SUITCASE to be opened and OBAMA to have a prominent place therein.
WE expect arrests.
WE expect a return to the Constitution. In short,
WE expect all the things WE have been reporting for years to now come to fruition.
casper   6-11-09