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The excuse for no delivery last night was that the packs didn't leave D.C. until approximately 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon and the logistics didn't allow deliveries last night, they would begin this morning. They were held overnight at Military Bases near us.
The excuse for no deliveries this morning was some new or re-do signatures needed from Senior and Barbara, they were obtained under duress and deliveries back on go for this afternoon. Also, Hillary and Pelosi were suddenly front and center contributing to this delay by making serious threats against others.
WE were informed last night, but hoped it was not true, and waited all day before reporting, that an order had been cut last night to return the packages to D.C.. Gates denied today that it was true so WE didn't report it. It turns out that it was true, is true, and the packs were returned to D.C. late last night or very early this morning.
The most recent "offer" from OBAMA, by the way, was that he gets 65% and there be no announcements and he lets packs go. He was told, WE hear, to shove it.
WE hear the packs will come back out of D.C. tonight. We shall see.
                      casper   6-10-09
p.s. WE have just been advised that someone in the Pentagon has been trying to access our accounts today. It has been traced back to a Pentagon computer.
 p.p.s. It was disclosed today that the money center banks, in a repeat of the Enron fiasco, are holding more than 5T in "off the books" entities and accounts. If this garbage was moved "on the books" the Banks would not have the necessary reserves to continue in business nor would the Bank Executives have the tens of millions in annual bonuses coming to them as there would be no profits. No bank would have passed the "stress test" which was itself a scam. This is just the latest in a long list of financial scams perpetrated on the people and upon the world. Vast sums are created out of thin air, charged to the people (TARP,ETC.), given to the Banks and paid out to the insiders. Do you understand now why they will not divulge who is getting all the bailout money? It is a Criminal Enterprise now led by a puppet Chicago Gangster and will result, if not stopped, in the collapse of the United States via Economic rather than Military means.