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Dog gone that Global Warming. Another 10 inches of snow in the high plains. In June.
Now lets see, where did WE leave off on Saturday? Oh yes, I remember, deliveries scheduled Friday and Saturday had been stopped by OBAMA. So much has happened since then, lets summarize it as follows.
Packs out again, OBAMA pulls them back again. Packs out again, OBAMA pulls them back again and finally, packs out again, Obama pulls them back again. There you have it folks.  Oh, I forgot, packs are now out again. 
Regarding STORY'S intell Sunday night that Bank accounts have been zeroed out, its not just BUSH Senior, POTUS lost his too. One account contained many Billions. Now where do you suppose POTUS got that kind of money? The evidence is such that even the most devout Messiah Worshipers will soon be choking on their kool-aid. There is a great deal of intell about this and related subjects which WE will avoid for now so as not to steal someone else's thunder. Watch for announcements after delivery.
Intell has been coming out from several directions, from several messengers. Read all of it with an open mind and connect the dots in your mind. A helpful hint for you, the arrested Military personnel mentioned by STORY are free and reinstated.
In summary, bad guys are being dealt with and at this time we are back on go.
                    casper  6-9-09