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Today is the anniversary of Tianamen Square where the Red Chinese slaughtered hundreds even thousands of their own citizens who were protesting for democratic government. Recently they executed WU (not Madamn) and YING, the subjects of several updates here. Then they accept a 4T bribe from OBAMA for doing what others were apparently executed for. Meanwhile their students laugh out loud at GEITHNER when he says Chinese assets in the U.S. are safe and the Chinese Government proceeds to buy up the natural resources of the world using money earned from selling the U.S. widgets, gidgets, gadgets and thingamagiggers.
And what is the U.S. doing? Passing 8000 political funding request called earmarks at a time when we can't pay our debts, printing trillions in funny money, bankrupting generations of Americans with bank bailout programs, failing to control our borders, stealing other countries assets and selling top secret military technology to the Communist. Are the leaders of these governments owned by the same people? Or has Communism simply defeated Capitalism?
Meanwhile OBAMA is meeting with the Saudi Royal family for the second time in two months and providing them immunity for any involvement in "9-11", stealing 4T in Trust Funds and sending it to China and trying to raise money in Egypt and Germany.
Meanwhile the States are broke (re. California) and looking for Federal Bailouts which spells the end of State Sovereignty (10th amendment). Government agencies have themselves been notified they are out of money leaving their jobs and paychecks up in the air. OBAMA has repeated his "We Are Broke" statements abroad and not a day goes by WE don't hear of him saying he "must have our money".
Meanwhile the U.S. Marshall's and the FBI are under cyber attack, the top secret locations of 230+ Nuclear  Sites have been "accidentally" exposed on the internet and a member of La Reza is nominated for the Supreme Court (favors illegal immigration).
Meanwhile the FED, supposedly dead and gone, has Bernake testifying to Congress this week as if the status quo will continue forever and one Congressman, Lloyd Dogget of Texas, specifically refers to Bernake operating under "Emergency Powers" supposedly reserved to the President.
Meanwhile CBS, the largest owner of "outdoor advertising" (billboards) refuses the "Where is the Birth Certificate" billboards while OBAMA continues to hide same costing himself millions in the process.  
Meanwhile the economic crash continues unabated with 600,000 losing their jobs weekly and 5.4 million mortgages delinquent or in foreclosure  while the talking heads, OBAMA, GEITHNER and the FED sing "sweet nothings and lullaby's" to the public which remains blissfully unaware of the seriousness of the situation because of the steady stream of lies from those they foolishly trust.  15.4 million homeowners are "underwater" or "upside down" with their mortgages.
After the 4T theft/bribe debacle early in the week the "storyline" all week has been the ongoing paydown to succeeding levels of Trustees, a story making the rounds for at least the tenth time and therefore likely to be the ABC story du jour. WE hear those with the responsibility for keeping our accounts safe are in hiding which WE think would not be necessary if things were proceeding without interference, not to mention the ongoing thefts such as the 4T. This storyline, if you care to indulge, has deliveries occurring between now and the 8th.
OBAMA continues his successful game of talking out of both sides of his mouth, taking both sides of an issue at the same time, sometimes in the same speech such as his "values and Constitution" speech in which he also announced "preventative prolonged detention" without trial or benefit of counsel for those he deems suitable for the camps.
A few months ago WE reported incoming shipments of gold to Ft Knox (eyes on) and eventual caravans of Limos arriving "to see for themselves". Later WE reported the Countries gold stored in the U.S. being stolen. Now comes reports from the U.S. Geological something or other that gold exports for '07 and '08 totaled 22 million oz. of refined gold and 154 million oz. of "compound gold" going to Switzerland and elsewhere with speculation the 22M oz. is the 1933 coin melt. That's one helluvalot of gold folks. WE can't make heads or tails of this but observe that the coin melt gold would likely be 90% and need resmelting and a new DNA and that doing so abroad might indicate levels of distrust somewhere and that perhaps this might be "scrapping the bottom of the barrel" to repay stolen gold. This is above our pay grade but movement of this much gold is worthy of attention.
North Korea shenanigans to blackmail OBAMA at the behest of CHINA says Fulford or was it Heneghan? B-2 stealth technology to CHINA for debt relief says Richard Hogarty. Emminent Domain of the U.S. to CHINA by OBAMA and CLINTON say several. WE hear the North Korea stuff was a diversion to cover the simultaneous theft of the 4T which, by the way, was blocked before CHINA accessed.  Geithner was there for the big arrival, guess he had much egg on his face then laughed at on top of that. A tough week for Tiny Tim.
Any ongoing attempts to blackmail OBAMA due his widely speculated homosexuality were blown this week what with the current cover of the weekly tabloid The Globe. Read yourself if interested. WE don't give a damn about his skin color or sexual preference as it is his extremist left wing radical Fascist policies under the direction of the NWO freaks which are destroying our country WE care about.
The backup story for the week was/is the world famous and oft used BLACKOUT which in our judgement is synonymous with BULL___T.
Then there is the third story, our story, which never varies and says, when deliveries don't occur you can bet your bottom dollar OBAMA is the cause. That's OUR story and WE are sticking to it because days and weeks and months of intell say it is so.
Our views have not changed, the FED and their monetary system are toast, we will have new banking, the Constitution, etc..
The past is holding on tight but is doomed.
As the Fed Res Dollar is the worlds reserve currency so the timing for the change over must of necessity involve the whole world.
The CABAL can slow but not stop the outcome. Neither can the U.S. President, even though armed with Emergency Powers, hold back Niagara Falls with a two by four.
More when possible,
                   casper   6-4-09