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As discussed many times there are two parallel rails involved in our funding. It matters not how ready first rail players such as Trustee's, Banks, etc. are if second rail players such as the U.S. Government continues to sabotage deliveries which is the situation today.
OBAMA plays the sign off game like BUSH while continuously trying to steal and/or trade the funds, ours and others. While dozens and dozens of such efforts continue day and night it is foolish to say or think that "OBAMA is on our side, or OBAMA wants it done or OBAMA signed off". These attempts would not occur if he were cooperating with the funding.
Final and irrefutable proof of what WE have been saying about him all along is demonstrated by his overnight activities, not that WE needed any further proof but for those of you who do here it is.
OBAMA AND RED CHINA have been cooperating in the ongoing blockage of deliveries. They managed to break into some of the Trust Accounts overseas and OBAMA paid RED CHINA 4T as a bribe by wire transfer as discussed in this mornings update. The funds have been confiscated from CHINA and are being returned to their proper place. ALL THE COUNTRIES have now come down on CHINA'S head for their cooperation with OBAMA. They are boiling mad and are also threatening to arrest certain World Court Judges for not doing their jobs relating to this latest scandal.
WE hear the world is "incandescent" over this and D.C. is in turmoil as well. WE also hear U.S. banks will be closed if deliveries do not occur very quickly.
Deliveries were expected Friday by all our sources around the world, then yesterday then today. This sabotage was an attempt to get funds to CHINA without deliveries occurring. Given these developments and the resulting anger WE don't know whether deliveries will be forced with no further delay or whether "clean-up operations" must precede delivery.
More when possible unless deliveries arrive first.
               casper  6-2-09  #2