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CASPER UPDATE #1: MAY 27, 2009

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Are you ready? Ready for a DOUBLING of your utility bills? $4000./annually per family?
Welcome to the world according to GORE, OBAMA, PELOSI and the Democratic Liberal Elites. And Government mandated auto production to match, "Hugo" type cars, Obama-mobiles, dictated by 70% Government ownership of General Motors.
Be careful which bumper sticker you place upon your new ride as HLS and OBAMA are using them to identify most of us as domestic terrorist.
Yes, Higgins term as President of the World Court ended in February. That did not change her role as the QUEENS GOPHER or as "BAGLADY" for the bribes to World Court Judges.
No, program funding does not come from the Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility.
Have you read the lengthy article "A HISTORY OF BANKING" posted by FULFORD on Fourwinds? Very very educational.
Buckley/Treasury Gate, is not related to the other programs. WE were there when Buckley made his original presentations to the public in front of six video-cams he brought with him. All present got copies of his "documents". He was not "in bed with" CH or GILMORE.
WE were also there when the many GILMORE programs were introduced each in turn PRIOR TO OMEGA. After each had failed over a period of years and by now "O" has burst upon the scene and Gilmore was "on the run" leaving the U.S. for Europe with the law close behind, WE were told that Gilmore's remaining funds were given to CH and participants in his many programs became limited participants in "O". If memory serves this info came from CH who WE were on the phone with daily and sometimes in person.
Another "stand alone" was/is BBC which was actually BB with C becoming associated in name only as he was involved in money raising activities. Someone recently posted that he has talked to one of the "B's", a neat trick as the big "B" passed many many years ago and the second "B" has been in a nursing home for many many years. This is another example of "not from the same pot".
Regarding F.C., also not "from the same pot", it didn't begin with the Baskerville/Foster case which moved up through the Denver Appellate District to the Supreme Court after which Swasinger/Hildebrand/Metlick introduced and opened it to public participation which eventually resulted in the arrest of all three. WE were present at Roys trial in Lubbock and also his subsequent sentencing in Dallas. The ORIGINAL CASE with only a dozen or so of the original Plaintiffs still alive originated in the mid '70's. The thrust of these cases was Bank Fraud perpetrated against the American people by the Fed Res System. The people won, the Government lost. As with CH and Gilmore and Buckley, all involved in this endeavor including S.,H.,&M.  and every similar endeavor were grabbed and prosecuted and jailed for reasons only tangentially related to the actual issues. As someone recently pointed out on the net, the Government's M.O. (method of operation) is to grab and jail anyone attempting to expose the fraud using "charges" which do not address or expose the actual issues.
When WE refer to the long suffering of program participants I wonder if you realize how many have lost their freedom and how many have actually lost their lives. When WE speak of this, and of murder and assassination and so forth over the years WE are not exaggerating. The beast/octopus/swamp creature is the very definition of EVIL and has been killing people to protect its control of the issuance of money for a very long time (Lincoln & JFK for example). The beast is privately owned and it owns that which we call "Government". In the U.S. it IS the Government, the Politicians are just pawns, silly putty in the hands of criminals INCLUDING SUCCESSIVE PRESIDENTS.
Regarding the many many reports of arrest of bankers over recent weeks, as previously reported WE have not been able to confirm any such arrest. WE are not without Banking contacts including big money center banks. WE can't testify that it has not happened, WE can testify that WE can't find any of them after several weeks of looking looking looking.
Meetings are now behind closed doors. The doors are nailed shut and the shades drawn tight. They are no doubt trying to prevent further disclosures. WE don't have much intell of importance right now and what WE do have disagrees with everyone else. Day after day, week after week all WE get is OBAMA stopped it again. Obama ordered the Police Commissioner, OBAMA ordered the Provost, OBAMA ordered the Military, OBAMA ordered the Carriers, etc etc.. WE have always believed he works for the ILLUMINATI and does as instructed by them, no different than BUSH or CLINTON. It's his turn to be DICTATOR of the Western World using the Emergency Powers which make U.S. Presidents virtually untouchable and he has, in our judgment, no intention of giving up his opportunity to "remake the U.S." according to his mental vision which by now you can surely see is Socialism at a bare minimum.
Tax collections are down 40%. Corporate collections are down 67%. The Gov't must sell 101B of Bonds NEXT WEEK, one trillion by September. This flood of Gov't borrowing will leave nothing for the private sector exacerbating the crash. The result is Gov't, Gov't and more Gov't for the liberals and debt debt and more debt for the people. This entire scam, the purpose of which is to save their fraudulent finance playpen, is being run by the same operatives who caused the crash in the first place, Summers, Rubin, Paulson, Geithner, Greenspan, Bernake, Goldman Sachs, Gramm, Dodd, Frank, etc.. Unemployment will go through the roof, rising interest rates will further destroy the private sector and consumers, and the dollar will be debased. These things collectively spell DEPRESSION on a grand scale as Gov't continues to throw trillions of dollars (gasoline) on the fire to save their fraudulent banker buddies rather than allow free markets to work as intended which would result in the bankruptcy of the crooks. Politicians and Presidents work for the crooks and that's why nothing is allowed to work as it should.
"We are out of money" OBAMA says on c-span. Don't get excited friends, that is a technically correct statement HOWEVER "they" own the printing presses and credit creation process so there is no such thing as running out of money until such time as the world refuses to buy any more U.S. debt and the whole thing blows up. We didn't have any money last year or last decade either, technically, that's why we have an acknowledged national debt in excess of 50T..
Of course WE are aware that neither Whistleblower or Story believe the programs will pay, Story believing they are Ponzi's and still yakking about such as "the prudent man rule". WE addressed that subject long ago if you care to look it up. If the programs don't pay it won't be because they are not real but because OBAMA defeats us, the Countries and the World by precluding deliveries in order to save the existing corrupt banking/monetary system's as instructed by his Illuminati Handlers. There are many things WE can't report publicly without compromising sources. WE have known for many many years the reality of the programs, why else would WE have devoted so much time to this endeavor. Our research was thorough in the beginning and in the years since WE have revalidated our knowledge in many many ways. WE could not be paid under the Fed Res System as it is owned by EVIL. Therefore our funding goes hand in hand with the new which in our judgment includes our return to the Constitution and exposure of the criminals. Try not to let comments by the "new kids on the block" upset you to much. They are no doubt well intentioned, especially Whistleblower. They obviously have much knowledge about many things, then there are some things they just as obviously don't know. WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING EITHER, but the reality of the programs is not one of those things.
OUR news remains that OBAMA continues to block deliveries. Do you think it unreasonable to say that if he was born in Kenya that he is guilty of Treason? Why would he suffer multitudes of lawsuits, billboards springing up all over America and cost himself millions of dollars when all he has to do is produce his birth certificate? Having decided somewhere along the way that this could be covered up, suppressed, do you not agree that Soros and his other "in the know" backers were and also are, themselves, guilty of Treason? OBAMA is another Hitler. A left wing radical Fascist with legislation "in the hopper"  such as "preventative detention" (concentration camps), elimination of talk radio and complete control of internet speech and content. The WTC buildings were imploded using Thermite/Thermate say the Scientists and Demolition Experts. Can you even comprehend the extent to which these people will go to retain CONTROL of the world? OBAMA works for these people. He may do so because of threats to himself and his family, that is unknowable, but one need not be politically or economically astute to observe what he doing.
What is involved here is so very much greater than our funding. It is truly something, which we pray is good, vs EVIL.
TODAY the IMF tried to access their funds. They had been told we were funded yesterday. No one has actually been "funded" in a spendable way. Boy are they p__sed which is good for us. Even the World Court is once again making noises that they are going to have to do something, lord knows what.
The Bilderhamburgers talked about crashing the dollar (right away), hyperflation, gas at $4.00 by the end of the year, $6.00 to $8.00 Gal. next year, probably a result of the preplanned hyperinflation. Naturally they intend to be Johnny on the Spot with a new world currency of their own to fix the problems (worldwide economic crash) they themselves created.
If "they" win this epic battle which has no historical precedent, we all better have several years of food and water stored (we can't eat gold). If the good guys win (thats us) things will be difficult for a while maybe, but the world will be working together toward recovery rather than the wholesale destruction planned by the evil ones.
Two additional attempts, unsuccessful, were made overnight to access our accounts. Is it BUSH? CLINTON? OBAMA? It is all the above. Just as Hitler was a puppet of Nazism so too are our leaders puppets of the Illuminati Controllers (Bankers).
Does anyone know why Air Force One was in Omaha yesterday? That's what WE hear from one who says he saw with own eyes, hmmmm....
Hang in there friends. The world wants its money and they can't get theirs till we receive first, thank goodness. The pressure is such that deliveries could literally show up at any time.
                      casper   5-27-09   #1