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CASPER UPDATE #1 - MAY 26, 2009

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As usual WE continue to receive Intel which disagrees with all others.
Today WE hear that the World Court Judges, having had their personal accounts confiscated due to Intel released here, are now doing nothing at all to assist our receiving.
Second, WE hear that OBAMA et al have made an additional seven attempts to access, without success, our accounts in addition to four additional attempts last Thursday and Friday.
And finally, WE hear that OBAMA is now saying that he has "released" deliveries while simultaneously stating that he has done so only to assist in the theft of our funds, that he must have our funds and that he will get them one way or another. To clarify, WE hear he "released" for delivery but is still blocking deliveries.
In the past he demanded 58% of our accounts, now he is demanding 100%.
There is other information "out there" but WE think WE would be remiss if WE failed to report the above to you as a stand alone item. 
                   casper   5-26-09   #1