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CASPER UDATE #1 - MAY 23, 2009

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 EITHER the lack of deliveries Friday represents the most successful worldwide disinfo campaign ever, OR, OBAMA has reacted to the World Courts denial of Immunity for himself and the other D.C. Criminals by again blocking deliveries.
There were no dissenting voices anywhere in the world this time and all had variations of the same story, deliveries by 6p.m. Friday or OBAMA and others are arrested and Banks can't open next Tuesday (Basel non compliance) and three dozen Felony indictments against OBAMA including TREASON would proceed forward.
And yet, here WE sit typing instead of opening a package.
Certain packages had moved recently which supported the anticipated outcome, WE don't know where they might be right now since they did not arrive as expected. By mid morning Friday WE knew the carriers did not have the packages and by early afternoon WE were beginning to hear that OBAMA may have stopped things again in response to the Immunity denials.
If this was orchestrated disinfo, this time it has been underway since Wednesday with "add-ons" each day since and would represent a successful subterfuge by the ABC groups implemented on a world scale, an ominous development.
 Now, Saturday morning, news is arriving in support of previous Intel that Rahm Emanuel has been involved in the latest sabotage. Unable to break the "locks" protecting our accounts a joint White House/Germany controlled team of 20 people, actual identity and affiliation unknown at this time, have been attempting to get at, capture, however you wish to word it, those people in Europe responsible for keeping our accounts in "lock-down" and safe from the criminals led by OBAMA. Can you imagine what would have happened to these people had the kidnapping effort been successful? Simultaneously we are informed that the PROVOST is refusing to serve approximately three dozen indictments against OBAMA one of which is reportedly for TREASON. The Military says they are aware he is in office illegally but they will not take action against him.
The ABC boys were again intercepting our overseas calls yesterday again pretending to be the person WE were calling.
The so far sucessful efforts to preserve the existing fraudulent fiat/fractional Banking and Monetary systems while simultaneously precluding funding to the people and Countries of the world speaks to the moral bankruptcy of the Beast/Swamp Creature/Corporation/D.C-Fed Res-Treasury-Illuminati privately owned conglomerate. Having already committed crimes financial and otherwise on a world scale "they" appear to have decided, no doubt long ago, that deliveries must be stopped in order to stop the disclosures which may send Presidents and Politicians and Bankers to the calaboose for life. For the sake of self preservation they appear willing to allow the worlds financial system to crash in chaos while pretending to do all possible to save it. They know in advance the outcome of their current policies but would rather the attendant suffering of billions of people rather than to give up their steel trap CONTROL of the world via their privately owned Monetary and Central Banking Fiat Systems. They would rather the complete collapse of the United States rather than admit to the secret construction of and bankruptcy of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES. By blocking the funding they block the announcements which return us to our founding documents and flushes the toilet which is Washington D.C.. For those of you who may be unaware or might have forgotten, the writings of "S" and Dr. Eugene Shroeder and colleagues have been posted on the Fourwinds web site explaining in detailed layman's language exactly how and when all this was done including cross referencing to the current Admiralty Statutes which replaced the Constitution. Decades were invested by multiple people to research and write and bring this info to the attention of the American people. Seminars were conducted around the country as far back as the mid eighties. Shroeder is considered the foremost expert in the United States on this subject and "S" has filled in any remaining blanks for you at great expense including the incarceration of his family members and including the necessity that he physically leave the United States. If you desire to know what they did and how they did it decades of intense effort is summarized in a couple of hours of profound and frightening reading available to you at the Fourwinds Archives. WE strongly suggest you read this presentation of the facts, especially the summary presentation by Shroeder.
A monstrous Criminal Enterprise and Crime Syndicate is ruling our country and much of the world. There will be no peace and no "recovery" so long as their insider fraudulent financial games continue to exist. While our "best and brightest" offer up their lives in defense of that which they have no knowledge of, the leadership of our Military disregards their oaths, pockets their share of the cash flow and brings disgrace upon themselves and the memory of those who died defending us from such as them. It appears to this observer that our Military Leaders are both Cowards AND Traitors who continue to follow OBAMAS orders not to deliver our packages.
The "insider financial dealings" which continue week in and week out disguised as "necessary" and sold publicly to a "financially challenged" constituency are nothing more complicated than self dealing on a massive scale where tens of trillions of dollars, even hundreds of trillions, are transferred to the insiders at the expense of a stunned public with current cash transfers magnified many times over via debt transfers from themselves to future generations of taxpayers.
It is all such a giant scam. Every aspect of it could easily be taken apart publicly except that they control the media and the talking heads. EVERY ASPECT IS A CONTINUATION OF THE FRAUD and added atop the frauds they were running in recent years. Take today's T.V. Speech by OBAMA for example, which has become a DAILY occurrence.
The subject for today was the passage of the Credit Card Bill limiting the corrupt dealings of the Credit Card Companies. In a wonderfully appropriate Freudian Slip OBAMA congratulates the nearby Congressmen and Senators, specifically Criss Dodd "AND YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME SENATOR SHELBY". Truth has a way of slipping out even from his own mouth. Not mentioned was the fact that even though he then performed the public signing ceremony using multiple pens, THE LAW DOES NOT TAKE EFFECT FOR NINE MONTHS. Why? What do you suppose the Credit Card Companies will do with those nine months, go on vacation? They will do each and everything they intended to do (jacking up rates, etc.) during this compressed time period after which who cares, its already been done. Meanwhile the Politicians who are bought and paid for and owned outright by the Banks will go tell their uninformed constituents "I voted to end the abuse of the Credit Card Companies". The "Cap and Trade" SCAM, for Environmental purposes (B.S.) is even more obvious as it is nothing more than an additional well hidden Government manipulated TAX upon the public. While jobs, pensions, etc. are destroyed with one hand taxes at Federal, State and Local levels are increased with the other (as invisibly as possible) while corrupt bankers are simultaneously made whole on the backs of generations of citizens.
AND, simultaneously, ACORN works out of the White House, Senior Debt Holders of the Auto Companies are called "speculators" and by Government decree made subservient to the Unions and the "Sanctity of Contracts" destroyed forever in the process, leaving the Government to do anything it wants to anyone it wants at any time it wants while the ignorant kool-aid drinkers cry out for "change" little realizing their country is already on the verge of destruction by OBAMA after only one hundred days of "change". Do you know who those Bondholders are that OBAMA is destroying? Pension funds belonging to teachers, policemen, firemen, etc..
Now, finally, the consequences of his actions are beginning to show up as the dollar falls dramatically recently and Gold rises for the third week in a row. YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET and its all intentional, every damn bit of it.
Some say deliveries today, other the middle of next week. NONE of those know about the Intel contained herein without which they are just guessing and frankly, WE don't know what to expect next either.  
Happy Holiday. Please observe the importance of this particular Holiday.
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