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Every week brings a new example of the destruction of Capitalism by the Obama Administration.
Either the American people don't understand or don't object to this massive lightening quick change taking place.
It's one thing to want to rein in the greedy bas___ds on Wall Street, another to destroy the goose that laid the golden egg of 200 years of American prosperity. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, whatever it is,... it is the end of Freedom and the beginning of domination by Government.
All remains extraordinarily vague since the failure to deliver this past weekend.
WE are aware of additional domestic money center bank problems which caused deposits there to be moved still again due to never ending bank corruption.
WE are also aware of ongoing OBAMA interference which we have reason to believe has been overcome.
WE hear the loss of profits from trading some our funds as previously reported coupled with the loss of "some" of the Programs deposits may very well cause the demise of the largest domestic banks.
They were given every opportunity to "go straight" and blew it.
Good guys get ready, bad guys sabotage.
There is nothing new here just another "normal" delay.
Action ---  Reaction.
This job belongs to the controllers of the NEW and you and we must perform our normal duties of watching, waiting and being frustrated.
WE are confident things are being handled promptly by those who have arrived for the purpose and WE view this as an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.
And now for the reply to the David West post on Fourwinds and RMN.
WE don't normally reply publicly to inquiries such as yours Mr. West. The reason is that it is "off subject" for us.
WE write for program participants who have little interest in peripheral subjects and those who do can "read all about it" on the net.
Our "deal" is the programs and WE try to leave the status of things in the Far East to Fulford, the court corruption to Hennigan, Webb and Skolnik before be passed and geo-political analysis to Story with two exceptions, that being the subject of the QUEEN and COTTRELL'S proposals for private trading as opposed to Government trading.
WE believe that any continuation of the overnight FRAUDULENT GENERATION of massive amounts of "out of thin air money" can only result in a continuation of the existing utterly corrupt dual world finance system of fortunes for the privileged class and debt slavery for the regular normal people.
Regarding his admirable defense of his QUEEN, as WE have said many times, WE think WE know more about her than he does even if he should be in her employ, a proposition WE can't say yea or nay about.
For many years WE had eyes and ears on her ladyship almost full time. "WE" met her on the tarmac when she landed, WE were with her in meetings worldwide, WE were talking to her on her bedside telephone for years before this aspect of "WE" passed on.
WE have watched as she flipped and flopped so often our necks hurt.
Look to the Fourwinds archives where you will find dozens of updates featuring the QUEEN.
OUR point here is not the QUEEN or Story or anyone else but rather that as a general rule we don't mess in someone else's playpen. Not yours, not theirs, with a few exceptions as described above when our knowledge is so extensive it just can't remain silent. OURS is a narrow focus.
WE have a working knowledge of your subject and dozens of others but WE don't write about them because WE don't feel qualified to do so.
WE expect others to carry their ball toward the goal line while WE do the same with ours.
I don't remember mentioning the $21T publicly Mr. West, but if you say so. Actually this is a relatively small number compared to some of the conversations WE encounter. It is as if those "in the know" in International Finance have a "secret pact to add three zeros" to any number being discussed publicly. Discussions of hundreds of T's in this deal or that is daily fare with occasional mentions of Quads.
Let us also clarify quickly that WE never said WE know 90% of everything. What WE said was that 90% of the "grapevine Intel" is ABC generated.
WE are not even sure we know ninety percent of our own business much less someone else's.
WE do take heart with comments sent to us from very important places around the world confirming, after the fact, that Intel provided our "family" in our updates was "right on" or "perfect" or "nail on the head" or, believe it or not, "CASPER and his group are the only ones we pay attention to over here".
WE take pride in our work and WE care about our reputation but we don't really know how much we know or how much we don't know.
WE do sometimes know falsehoods when we see them and we are not bashful about pointing them out.
You asked about the Freedom Program and its possible relationship to the Soviet Treasury and the related Arbitrage Programs beginning in 1989. WE know of no relationship to the Freedom Program whatsoever.
FREEDOM was the last of the "publicly available programs" and is usually mentioned in the same breath as "O" and "F.C." and others.
It is different in many ways.
It is a small program by comparison and as "last on the scene" obtained its "go first" position due to the shenanigans of BUSH.
By obtaining World Court Orders that it go first they (the bad guys) could delay distribution of all programs by delaying this one program. For the past year a debate has raged as to whether this requirement was subsequently changed and perhaps Freedom did not have to go first afterall.
To my dismay WE have been involved in this debate from the beginning maintaining that nothing has changed, Freedom must come first. Most others, over time, joined our opponents in this debate. Only recently have some very important players switched back to our point of view. This "go first" proposition is the reason why WE have tracked those packages so closely. For the longest time the Freedom Funds were warehoused in Switzerland, more recently they have been "locked down" in Germany.
"OUR" Freedom program does not include, in its data base, the names of Senators or Congressmen or World Leaders as so many think.
Nor does it date to the time period you mention.
Also unique to Freedom is the fact that each of their participants have individual contracts for their funding, the other programs do not.
Perhaps you are confusing "our" Freedom, with the FREEDOM CORPORATION set up by KISSINGER in PARIS.
For a while KISSINGER claimed ownership of our program. Then, in testimony at the World Court he denied same.
Still later he again tried to claim ownership. He established a program under that Corporate umbrella by the name of AMERICORP. WE know nothing more about FREEDOM CORPORATION or AMERICORP and suggest you look to the public records there if you have further interest.
Freedom is an example of "not from the same pot".
You are apparently "tapped into" and attempting to trace one particular corrupt transaction. Consider the larger picture, the Brady Bonds for example which cost so many lives at Cantor Fitzgerald (WTC), the theft of the Countries Gold stored in the U.S., the VKD related counterfeit Gold Certificates and Bonds disbursed worldwide, the many enormous Ponzi Schemes, the Wanta Situation, the theft and embezzlement of Program Funds, the theft of the accounts of the Global Debt Facility (Whistleblower), the theft of the Indian Royalty Accounts, the multitude of Banking Scams involving Goldman Sachs, CITI, B of A, Wells Fargo and J.P./Chase, The Morgenthau Bonds, the Marshall Plan Funds, the Holocaust Funds, the Katrina Funds, the Mormon Church Muletrain, the BUSH Senior/ OBAMA/Hillary Clinton/RED CHINA and Chinese Crime Family Scams, and on and on and on it goes with your subject being lost in a tsunami of American Government/U.S. Corporation/Fed Res/ Treasury/Wall Street/the City/CIA/ corruption where Blackmail, Bribery, Murder, Assassination, Extortion, Embezzlement and Execution are common place. 
The burglar does not take the VCR and leave the TO.V., he does not take the T.V. and leave the jewelry.
Your subject is one part of a U.S. Government/Illuminati Crime Spree which is so big and gone on so long there is no hope of measuring the magnitude of it or judging the consequences of unwinding it if there be, anywhere on the planet, a desire to unwind it.
By the way, is your fictitious Lewis Ellingford, aka LE and abbreviation for a different but similar name?
As diverse and unrelated as all these worldwide corrupt activities might appear to be they have as a common denominator the Corporation of the United States and the Illuminati Central Fractional Banking System.
Its a big boys game Mr. West.
WE are relegated to observation, prayer and perhaps causing a few "dust-ups" here and there.
WE fight the Grizzly Swamp Creature with fly swatters and the Internet.
Those who get to close get their fly swatters broken but WE fight on Mr. West and trust that you will too.
WE do not question your analysis of your subject or Whistleblowers response which seems to disagree as this is not "OUR" playpen.
As a favor to you, WE asked some VIP's about your post, the response was that some of your Intel is correct and some is not. Neither WE or they had any desire to take it further.
WE liked your observation that "OBAMA is caught between the Pyramid and the Capstone".
WE suggest you include a chapter in your book regarding the immeasurable suffering of the program participants due to the corruption of their own Government.
Just as our Republican form of Government was subverted by an imposed "democracy" which was then exported to the world as an example of how America became successful, a bold faced lie, so too have the UP.S. fraudulent financial dealings been exported to other countries who were taught by the U.S. to use their Countries natural resources and assets as collateral for the corrupt overnight generation of money out of thin air trades.
Your particular example of 20 year PBG's is just a longer term example.  Birds of a feather. Finding Foreign Politicians willing to join The Billionaire Boys Club is no more difficult that finding them in the U.S. Congress.
You say you expect this to end very badly.
For them yes.
For us no, WE don't agree.
They have set the world on fire with their fraudulent finance and their answer is to add gasoline (debt).
It won't work.
It can not work.
Only their control of the printing presses are buying them time. Their whole stinking filthy corrupt financial world will come down.
In its place a new paradigm, a return to the Constitution and exposure of the EVIL nature of the CORPORATION in Washington D.C..
Casper   5-19-09