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  There was a time, once upon a time, when WE became frustrated, even angry, that some folks would say things which boiled down to "Casper and his group don't know what they are talking about". Time passed and WE reflected upon the difficulty most folks have, including US sometimes, separating the wheat from the chaff, the various ABC storylines and constant stream of disinfo from what was actually going on. And so WE made a conscious decision not to be upset with the general ignorance of those parading their uninformed babble on the internet. Its sometimes difficult, sometimes very difficult, not to "let them have it", especially to those who speak so definitively while speaking so falsely. There is really no point, at this late hour, to change the conscious decision WE made previously but it is so tempting, it is oh so tempting. 
Better than 90% of the daily grapevine material you hear each day is ABC generated disinfo. They are aided by disinfo teams in Treasury and the BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA camps and as WE have learned more recently, disinfo teams at the World Court and in the Far East. Sorting through who's hat is what color has been a nightmare and in some cases has taken years to uncover the black hats pretending to be white hats. Some of these folks have been executed recently, very recently, in addition to those who were previously executed due to disclosures originating in these updates. No matter how black the hat that's something that at a minimum causes confusion of the conscience regardless of the "compliments" which are passed back to us from around the world. Another example is the firestorm created worldwide from the disclosure that the U.S. had stolen the Worlds Assets stored here. Another example are the many times these updates have been read aloud in World Meetings and at the World Court many times as recently as this weekend triggering this or that outcome. Most recently the World Court Judges personal accounts containing Billions and in one case a Trillion Dollars have been confiscated as a result of disclosures in these updates.
When WE tell you that packages were here or there at 10 a.m., that they did this or that with them after that, you must surely understand by now that WE can make such definitive statements because WE have "eyes on". WE have been at this for 20 years friends. WE have eyes and ears on a very large percentage of what goes on around the world as it happens (more or less). Even so WE are careful to point out that WE don't know everything. When dozens, and I do literally mean DOZENS of attempted Trades, Embezzlements, Fraudulent Accounts, etc are stopped, blocked and seized due to disclosures beginning here you can bet they redouble their efforts to hide, obfuscate and mislead US perhaps more so than anyone else. WE have had to deal with months of intercepted phone calls, tapped calls, and have found ourselves on the phone more times than WE can count with the ABC boys pretending to be the person WE were calling in China or Europe. You would be amazed at how good they are at their work. Were it not for codes set up in advance, sometimes in face to face meetings with sources, WE might never have known WE were being sandbagged. More recently WE have had to contend with a steady flow of lies from certain of the COUNTRIES themselves who were accepting payoffs.
When someone says something on the net such as "all the money is coming from the same pot", WE know how unbelievably ignorant this person is, but do you? This type of thing occurs regularly and frankly, having written so many thousands of words over the years covering most every subject that comes up, , WE don't have the time, the patience or the strength to go over it all over again one more time for the sake of the latest ignoramous who wants to tell you how much he knows. Most people don't know squat. I'm sorry to be so blunt about it but that's the simple truth of the matter. Most "talkers" get their "Intel" from a favorite banker or one of the several full time disinfo teams or from a "Trustee". WE have had Trustees calling us for the last five years to ask what is really going on. WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING AND DON'T PRETEND TO. But WE know so much more than these now you see them now you don't charlatans who come and go with whatever scrap of crap they heard today that WE tire of even trying to keep them informed. There is nothing wrong with ignorance, especially ignorance of program Intel which is so closely guarded to begin with. What is wrong is some smart ass coming along at this late hour to tell Casper or the many others who have literally devoted themselves to uncovering the truth what is or is not true. This is not ignorance, this is STUPIDITY ON DISPLAY and judging from your correspondence sent to US through Fourwinds most of you are able to discern the difference by now. Thank God. What a waste it would be to learn that the thousands of hours invested in this endeavor by many people trying to serve you had been for naught. Only God knows how many tens of thousands of dollars WE have spent in pursuit of truth.
And so, one last time for the record, when WE have said over the years that BUSH or CLINTON or OBAMA said or did this or that, when WE tell you what happened in Treasury, or The World Court or CHINA today, when WE tell you what happened with the packs today or the various accounts of money today, or that this was blocked or that was seized, or who came and went, who got executed, who got replaced or any of the dozens if not hundreds of subjects WE have covered WE WERE NOT GUESSING. And in retrospect, 90% or more of the Intel reported was correct, often confirmed by other messengers days, sometimes weeks after it was reported to you. On those other occasions we got sandbagged but always "cleaned up" previous reporting when it needed cleaning. WE realize that the complexity of things and the daily confrontations of the players reported here and the overall situation in general has been hard on you and it has been on us. It was, again, a conscious decision by US to report all these goings on in real time believing as we did that you had as much right to the truth as anyone else. Feeding you the daily dose of pabulum you got elsewhere might have been easier for you to deal with but you would have learned nothing, absolutely nothing about the real world or what was required, or the difficulty of getting this job done.   
Deliveries were expected this weekend, WE are uncertain yet why they didn't occur. WE do continue to hear of orders from OBAMA to the military and orders from CARLYLE to the carriers interfering with deliveries. WE are working on it and will clarify when possible. In spite of this most recent delay WE still expect deliveries at any moment.
                     Casper   5-17-09