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We are watching History unfold!
Most people, currently, are NOT aware of how complex the problems are in our Financial World.
We have been controlled financially in the US since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, when it was started.
The Fed Reserve is no more Federal than is Fed Ex.
There certainly are NO RESERVES. 
The Gangster Bankers have stolen the money over and over.
They created ways to be able to steal it, right out from under the noses of the people!
Recently, they gave Bail Out packages to themselves, so they had yet another avenue to steal more money.
WE need to pay attention to EVERY move THEY make, as the ONLY moves they make are moves IN THEIR FAVOR. 
THEY never wanted these programs to fund.
THEY never anticipated that they would ever fund.
THEY have stopped, delayed, and stalled every step of the way.
Every time we believe we are close, there is yet another delay.
THEY don't want the funding to take place, for when the people are funded, the power will shift. 
 Those with MONEY have Power!
The program members, once funding takes place, will become those with the Money and the Power.
Those, that lose their power ( and their STOLEN money), will be exposed.
ALL of the dirty laundry since 1913 will be exposed.
The people of the U.S. will KNOW what has been done to them.
I, for one, am APPALLED at what they have done to each and every one of us!
I am a 57 year old Professional female in the Financial World.
I am not in the Military.  I am not part of the Alphabet Soup Gang.
I am a disgusted citizen of a wonderful country that I am watching being ripped apart by the GANGSTERS.
Thirty Nine (39) years ago, I made a commitment to "Do Something" to help.
 I was arrested, .as I had handcuffed myself to the Mayor's Desk.
I was 18 years old, on a mission to protect a 200 year old tree.
Today I still maintain my same mission statement.
Although my participation is small compared to other people, I am doing SOMETHING to help.
Are you doing anything to help?
Regarding Casper, "WE",  Poof, Chris Story and other Journalists, Patrick and Anne Bellringer, who post the information on the FOURWINDS website:  we ALL have to be thankful for what these BRAVE SOULS have done for each and every one of us. 
These Journalists are Warriors, along side the White Knights and Legal Defense Teams that have been fighting the BAD GUYS for the past decade. ALL need to be given respect from each of us. 
Had it not been for these BRAVE people that have put their very LIVES ON THE LINE to get this done, we would not be this far. 
These same brave people go to work on this project every day, for HOURS, fighting for you, for me, and for the 300,000+ people that are members of the programs.
Had we NOT HAD these people to fight this fight and keep the focus on the programs, WE NEVER WOULD HAVE GOTTEN ANYTHING, EVER!
The warriors that search and find information daily, and expose the crap, are to be thanked. 
These people are working ENDLESSLY!  They never quit!  They are working for you, for me, for all of us.
These same people, that work DAILY on this FAVORITE AGGRAVATION, are on YOUR SIDE.
They work on this project EVERY DAY WITHOUT BEING PAID. MOST ARE WORKING FOR FREE to get us, you and me, to a point where we WILL BE FUNDED.
Without them, we would NEVER have gotten THIS FAR!
Without them, the GANGSTERS would have buried these programs years ago. 
The programs would have been dead!
Out of mind!
BUT those people fighting every day have kept the programs alive, kept the promise alive. and kept hope alive, for EACH OF US.  We should be Thankful!
The Info and Intel they deliver may not be exactly what we want to hear. 
I would rather be told TRUTH, then be told sugary sweet info that everything is fine, and it's just a small glitch, and not to worry! 
OBVIOUSLY, everything isn't fine! 
One only has to read the front page of the newspaper, or listen to 10 minutes of the Media controlled news to KNOW, it's NOT FINE!
With 1,100 auto dealerships going down, foreclosures at an ALL TIME high, credit card debt out of control, and usury interest rates at EXTREME levels, with people BROKE, unable to pay for medication, food, gas, housing, insurance, kids educations, or to have money to just get by. OBVIOUSLY, everything ISN'T FINE!
I know it's hard to hear the daily story of "it's Coming", then, "No it's not".
I know that we all get really excited, when we believe that it's being delivered, or it's on the trucks, or it's heading to the airports.  
Then, we get angry, when the plan changes, and we are told "NO, it's not coming".
Don't blame the Messengers!  Place the blame where blame is due!
Place the blame on those creating the delays, the GANGSTERS!
These GANGSTERS reside in the World Court, the Congress, the Banks, and on Pennsylvania Avenue.
We all suffer the elation and then the let-downs. 
This is a Roller Coaster Ride from Hell for each of us. 
No one is on this roller coaster alone.  We are all on it together. 
We are all suffering the same emotional ups and downs.  That is the nature of THIS BEAST.
It does no one any good to complain about it.  Complaints accomplish nothing.
If you are one of those people complaining, then DO SOMETHING TO HELP!
Get up off your tail feathers and DO SOMETHING!
If you don't know what to do, THEN DO HOMEWORK!
Read the "S" documents on FOURWINDS.
Those documents contain a MOUNTAIN of INFORMATION, that will TURN YOUR STOMACH!
When you get educated regarding the financial conditions of our country. WHO caused this distress and what is being done AGAINST us, you will get angry. 
You will want to tell others!  You will want to scream it from the roof tops! 
You will want EVERYONE you know to also know that information.
The more informed we become, as a group of people, the more impact we will have on THEM.
We have to Stick Together and stop fighting with each other.  Stop throwing rocks at each other! 
Stop telling Rumor without facts to back up the information.
Everything ISN'T FINE! 
This is an all out WAR!
It's Dirty, Nasty and Ugly!
However, we do have WARRIORS that are fighting the fight!
Stop accusing those WARRIORS, that are TRYING to help, of being on the Wrong Side.
Casper, Bellringer, Poof, myself, and "WE", .and the other people, who wish to remain in the background, are on YOUR side!
Stop with this absolute stupidity!
That is what "THEY" want us to do, fight among ourselves.
THEY KNOW that there is strength in numbers. If they can rip us all apart,there is no strength.
I will be doing my small part to help.
Are you going to sit there and complain more, or are you going to do something to help?