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CASPER UPDATE #1 - MAY 15, 2009

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WE begin this day with some early morning FLIM FLAM from the World Court that notifications would begin today.
After a series of intense and penetrating questions regarding their meetings last night they found themselves trapped by their own lies then admitted "the truth" as follows.
They have been in touch with BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA and the CORPORATE CRIME SYNDICATE in D.C. and the CRIME FAMILIES OVERSEAS. THE WORLD COURT went on to say "there will never be any payout of any program". They say further that D.C./OVERSEAS must have the funds represented by the cards and its only a matter of time until they can break the codes and obtain the funds. It appears obvious they are stalling for time in light of yesterdays disclosures.
Meanwhile WE have learned that Countries with Judges sitting on the Court have also been accepting payouts. WE are in the process of tracing back the payouts to these Countries which have been "buried" very deep. It is extremely difficult but not impossible to uncover these payouts.
News out of TEXAS this morning is that measures are being taken to insure that no deliveries ever take place and should that occur "Extreme Measures would be taken to insure they will get the money".
From both the COURT and TEXAS mention was made that they are desperate for funds and must have our funds.
More when possible,
           casper   5-15-09  #1