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CASPER UPDATE: #2- MAY 13, 2009 - This Update is for ALL Americans in ALL Programs and ALL the People of the World in Offshore Programs and for the Countries Themselves Awaiting Their Funding

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This update is for ALL Americans in ALL programs and ALL the people of the World in offshore programs and for the Countries themselves awaiting their funding.
In D.C. they think they can "weather the storm".
WE say "no you can't".
No one has suffered more than American Program Participants as years of lies and delays and sabotage have hurt so many while the BUSH/ CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE NOW MANAGED BY OBAMA has pulled every dirty trick in the book and flooded our country and the world with worthless toxic crap paper then charged it to the taxpayers when their financial frauds fell apart. The CRIMINAL ACTS involved and the suffering brought upon the people as a result are far to great to be measured or adequately described. They have stolen the wealth and the future of the American people along with the wealth of all the countries which stored their assets in the U.S..
"Their" position remains as it has been, they will do anything to avoid loss of control, funding, new banking,  announcements and exposure.
Programs participants around the world, including the Countries themselves, must get off their butts and fight for what is rightfully theirs/yours and to help in every way possible to see to it that the CRIMINALS in D.C. can not "weather the storm". Those who fight for you every day need your help. This is the time to do anything you can do, to make every call you can make, to demand an end to the delays and sabotage by the D.C. Criminal Class. Now is the time for the Countries to get off your butts, to stop running your mouths and to stand up and fight for what is yours.
All of us, at every level, must act as one and now bring every conceivable pressure from every conceivable direction.
Tonight the JAPANESE EMBASSY in D.C. is putting out the word that no one authorized the "notification process" to begin today. That is a bald faced lie. This is further collusion with OBAMA. The WORLD COURT and the JAPANESE GOVERNMENT itself says tonight the "notification process" WAS AND IS AUTHORIZED.
The Japanese in D.C. say tonight the World Court is nothing but a bunch of WIMPS and that they "will show them they do not control us nor can they do anything to us".
As you can observe there are brush fires and fist fights going on everywhere simultaneously. The only participants not being heard from are the VICTIMS THEMSELVES which are the program participants here and abroad. STAND UP AMERICA. STAND UP COUNTRIES. There is so much at stake. They have already stolen your Gold. What is required for you to STAND AND FIGHT? We can not leave the playing field to the CRIMINALS.  Neither we in the U.S. or you can withstand the continued onslaught of DEBT they are using to prop up their CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES. Either we stop it now or we succumb to the  permanent slavery they have planned for us.
Because OBAMA continues to order the carriers and the military not to deliver it appears it will be necessary to move all packs for all programs to major airports for pick up by program participants. If this plan holds together overnight as directed by The World Court and The Japanese Government we expect them to notify everyone tomorrow by phone with the possibility that times and locations may be furnished for distribution from one program participant to another. The packages will be held for pick up by us at an airport near us for 24 hours before being returned to D.C.. This information comes to you through US from the Japanese Government itself.
We must then look to the package itself for further instructions.
                 casper   5-13-09   #2 
P.S.  There are rumors out there that Freedom and/or other Program notifications are going on tonight.
Official Notifications with Instructions for Pick Up will not begin until Thursday/Tomorrow.