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CASPER UPDATE #1- MAY 13, 2009

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 When WE go silent and stay silent for a while you can bet its because WE fully expect deliveries to occur literally at any moment.
The daily details, only some of which we learn about, become insignificant if deliveries are truly about to occur. Then hours of waiting turns into additional days of delay and WE must decide whether to update and if so what to say. WE could repeat the "feel-good grapevine stories" for you and accomplish nothing or WE can report the really secret stuff no one else seems to learn about. WE do the latter not because WE enjoy reporting difficult news but rather because we think it is the only way to open certain eyes.
Never mind, for now, why the Police Commissioner or the Military flip flops back and forth almost daily, that's not what matters right now.
All of the Gold belonging to JAPAN and stored in the U.S. is missing. They know where it is but can't get at it. JAPAN, with a World Court Order in hand had taken the packs from Treasury and The Supreme Court to get them delivered to us as no one in the world can be funded, including JAPAN, until our packs are delivered. With the approval of HIGGINS at the World Court OBAMA entered into an agreement with JAPAN to use our cards and packs as collateral in trades with the proceeds going to pay JAPAN for their missing Gold plus double indemnity. This was an attempted 3 day TREASURY TRADE ordered by OBAMA. It was blocked. Three additional attempts have been made this morning, all have been blocked. While this has been underway our packs were returned to TREASURY AND THE SUPREME COURT BY JAPAN to be used as collateral and that's where they were this morning. JAPAN has been lying to and has DOUBLE CROSSED us and the entire world.
These illegal under handed dealings which go on daily are the reason why schedules are trashed and deliveries delayed again and again.
                casper   5-13-09
p.s. This just in. The remainder of the World Court Judges, now made aware of the activities of OBAMA, JAPAN and HIGGINS, has ordered the packs back out of TREASURY and THE SUPREME COURT immediately and they have just now been retrieved by the PROVOST. The game of package "Ping Pong" continues and for the moment we have "pinged" or "ponged", which ever is best for us.