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CASPER UPDATE #1 - MAY 10, 2009

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In response to OBAMA'S threats against World Leaders, The World Court and each of us last week the Military, including the Provost, was to assist in getting deliveries done today, Sunday. This is why WE have maintained silence the last 48 hours.
The D.C. Police Comissioner and his men, now having accepted several bribes from OBAMA, LAST NIGHT TOOK SEVERAL MILITARY FAMILIES HOSTAGE in order to stop deliveries scheduled today. They were acting on direct orders from OBAMA. If this is not domestic terrorism you tell us what it is.
While OBAMA laughs it up at his White House Press Dinner last night this is what was happening simultaneously. As WE reported months ago he is described as worse than BUSH ever dreamed of being. Others say he is a "fascist dictator" and they view him as being insane.
The bribes paid to the D.C. Police Commissioner and his men have been confiscated.
WE do not know what will happen next, will report again when possible.
                casper   5-10-09  #1
p.s. As the above was being sent to you WE have just received word that all involved in the above have been arrested including the Police Comissioner, the Military Families have been freed, we are back on GO again, possible even today. Needless to say THE FUR IS FLYING including some fur WE can't discuss quite yet.