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 Last night ALL WAS WELL. WE went to bed happy and excited.
WE awake this morning to all hell breaking loose in D.C.--AGAIN.
At 9:30 a.m. this morning people working for we the people/recipients, armed with World Court Warrants, went to the D.C. Police Department for assistance serving the Warrants on Treasury and the Supreme Court to obtain packages sequestered there.
The D.C. Police Department refused assistance so the Warrants were taken to The D.C. Commissioner of Police who  told his own Police they would serve them or they would be arrested.
The Warrants were executed (delivered) at 11 a.m. today EST.
All packs were removed from Treasury and the Supreme Court and are at this time "in a secure location".
After the packs were removed threats began to fly in all directions delivered by OBAMA henchmen following his direct orders.
Threats were/are directed to each recipient in every program including Freedom, Farm Claims, "O', etc., "This is his money, he will get it one way or another, anyone of us attempting to board a plane to go offshore WILL BE ELIMINATED".
This Intel comes from several of the Countries involved AND the World Court.
If there are any remaining skeptics out there, other than the drugged kool-aid drinkers I mean, call your contacts within any of the Countries involved or at the World Court for confirmation.  
The threats continued. He/they told those who now hold the packs "IF YOU STEP OUTSIDE YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED".
The Countries were threatened, the World Court was threatened. The Court was told "there is not a G.D. thing you or anyone else can do to me and neither can anyone on earth. If anyone gets in my way I will ram it down their throats and they will have an extremely short life span".
WE hear that if any U.S. Citizen in any program is harmed in any way that Washington D.C. and all in it will be burned to the ground.
The packs are still in D.C. where the good guys have spent the day doing address checks. Upon delivery the FED RES is automatically gone, likely Congress and OBAMA as well, which accounts for the intensity of today's activities.
The Countries missing Gold has been located at the World Bank, The IMF, England, France, Israel and the VATICAN. The last big load out was overseen by OBAMA, most was moved by BUSH and YING. YING has provided Bank of America, CITI, Wells Fargo, Chase and many European Banks with large amounts of COUNTERFEIT U.S. CURRENCY. Debts and/or Payoffs to ISRAEL were paid using other countries gold. YING, acting for the U.S. has paid U.S. debts to ITALY, RUSSIA, ENGLAND, FRANCE, EGYPT, JAPAN and other Countries using COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY AND INSTRUMENTS.  
More "SECURITY" is enroute to the U.S.. OUR SECURITY is an unknown at this time.
ALL that is happening is under the direction of the BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA, ILLUMINATI CRIME SYNDICATE.
The Military appears to be scared to death of OBAMA including, especially including, the GENERALS.
WE find no one in D.C. or the PENTAGON willing to take on this unbelievable corruption, their pensions appear more important than their OATHS or their COUNTRY.
God save us from our own COWARDS and TRAITORS.
More when possible,
                 casper   5-7-09