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CASPER UPDATE #1 - MAY 5, 2009

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BUSH, CLINTON and OBAMA have handed over to RED CHINA the United States most important weapons technology.
This includes SONAR, RADAR, BALLISTIC MISSILE TECHNOLOGY, LASER TECHNOLOGY and STEALTH TECHNOLOGY including the locations and numbers of all such U.S. assets.
This is how the CHINESE SUB managed to "pop up" in the middle of a U.S. Naval Fleet last year.
CHINA is now using this technology against the U.S. and the other Countries as a threat to get their money and our money. The issue is whether and to what extent they presently have the internal technologies to use U.S. technologies supplied to them by BUSH, CLINTON and OBAMA against us.
At this time BILL GATES is in CHINA updating their internal technology as fast as possible having been promised "the world" by CHINA, BUSH, CLINTON and OBAMA.
ALL of LI's accounts, YINGS accounts, all accounts of U.S. Congressmen and Senators, also members of the Judiciary and all the accounts of BUSH, CLINTON and OBAMA have been locked, sealed and liened.  OBAMA's HOUSE also locked, sealed and liened.
Much of the COUNTRIES STOLEN GOLD referred to in previous updates has been located and its DNA confirmed. Most of the CURRENCY held by YING is funny money, i.e. COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY of the United States and many other Countries.  
The COUNTRIES will not get their Gold back or any of their program money UNTIL WE ARE PAID.
The QUEEN is controlling the WORLD COURT through HIGGINS who has been stopping the Court from doing their job as settlements funding will result in the demise of the MONARCHY. SHE HAS HANDLED SOME OF THE COUNTRIES MISSING GOLD.
This update is not a joke or an exaggeration. The intell contained herein comes from multiple military sources who are witnessing this TREASON and this TURNOVER of the United States to RED CHINA BY SUCCESSIVE PRESIDENTS FIRST HAND.
This Intell was reconfirmed this morning and there is little room for error in the reporting.
The situation is serious beyond words.
More when possible,
              casper   5-5-09  a.m.