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 Deliveries were expected today, they have been blocked by OBAMA.
WE did not seek to reveal the following information, it came to us from within their own organization with a request it be revealed.
YING (Little Big Man) has been trained for years to take over the Crime Organization of DR LI worldwide. He is both MING and RED CHINESE. The intell that he was working for Dr WU is untrue.
YING has been responsible for years for removing vast quantities of Gold and other Precious Metals,  Bullion, Certificates and Currency from the U.S. to CHINA. Gold has a "DNA". The Bullion taken to CHINA was re-smelted and given a new "DNA".
He is also responsible for moving vast quantities of Drugs into the U.S. and vast quantities of Arms out of the U.S.. He moved anything that could be stolen with U.S. accomplices, anything not nailed down.
The Japanese and Chinese Ambassadors in D.C. who were killed, who WE reported at the time had obtained our codes from BUSH had, it turns out, obtained the codes from YING. After YING delivered our codes to the Ambassadors in D.C. he left the U.S. and blamed the hand over on BUSH. He had been trying every possible method to access our accounts for years and in this instance managed to get some people killed.
Over this past weekend DR LI resigned or was removed as head of his Worldwide Crime Organization and was replaced by YING. THEN LI LEARNED that his every account worldwide has been blocked, sealed and "liened" except accounts holding interest money owed to the programs. YING and OBAMA have been attempting, for the last three days, to access those accounts. This follows the insertion of chips in cards scheme which has failed. OBAMA and YING are using blackmail, holding our packs hostage, attempting to obtain the contents of these accounts to "let the packs go".
More when possible,
                   casper   5-4-09  #1