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CASPER UPDATE #1 - MAY 1, 2009

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Many things are happening simultaneously. The  update for this morning is limited to the one subject as described below.
The packs are in Treasury.
Dr. LI in CHINA, YINGS BOSS, was/is the "mastermind" behind the insertion of supposedly undetectable extremely sophisticated chips into the Packs/Cards designed to give them access to our accounts when we activated our individual accounts.
This Pentagon activity was prearranged by LI and others in the U.S. who are now SHOCKED that this discovery has been made.
He was also the instigator of the grapevine stories that deliveries would be yesterday and today.
Now that he has been caught he is accepting no calls from anyone anywhere. Current status of WU and YING unknown, it appears they were doing the bidding of LI.     YING and LI are MING.
More later,
                     casper   5-1-09