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 The WAR has continued this week as you can observe from the postings of various messengers and has been more intense than ever.
The packages had again been positioned overnight Tuesday for delivery Wednesday. Again they were stopped, this time by the Provost Marshall acting on orders from OBAMA. A confrontation occurred yesterday with the Provost telling the World Court "to kiss his ass" and ordering the packs returned to D.C..
Simultaneously word came forth from OBAMA repeating what he has said several times previously, "you will never see the packages, you will never get the money and eventually I will get all of it".
From other sources WE heard the Pentagon was repeating the age old "chip in the cards trick" so that upon access by us they would be able to seize all funds. As this Intel comes from within their own sewer the issue arises as to why "they would let this slip". To scare "us" obviously but beyond that they surely realize that we, you and I, could simply have the cards replaced after receiving them not to mention the liability they would incur for tampering with them, therefore WE believed yesterday this was another intentional disinfo story from the very very sick cesspool of ABC Boys now aided and abetted by the highest level Military who are on the Illuminati payroll.
The 100 days/May 1st deadline was real, the China Lien on the U.S. Treasury perfected at the World Court in previous months is real, the World Court ordering the packs to be delivered is real and the Provost/OBAMA ongoing blockage is real.
Simultaneously WE were being threatened by the ABC BOYS due OUR ongoing disclosures.
Late yesterday word came from several directions the World Court had finally found the courage to do right and after additional confrontation with OBAMA had ordered the packs delivered today with serious but unknown consequences to OBAMA if he stopped deliveries again. This resulted in a variety of reports from near and far that deliveries would be today.
 Overnight OBAMA informed first CONGRESS and then the SUPREME COURT that he is going to declare Martial Law. Both Congress and the Court said NO, you can not do that. He responded to both that they had been "bought and paid for" and they would do exactly as instructed. Meanwhile BUSH SENIOR was informing the World Court that they too had been "bought and paid for" and would do as instructed.
Meanwhile WE learn that some of the cards in a certain program did have extremely sophisticated chips inserted into them at the Pentagon. These cards have been sent to a special lab for further analysis.
And so, at dark thirty last night deliveries were scheduled for today with announcements to follow very quickly thereafter.
This morning WE are unsure what OBAMA may have done overnight given the ongoing very intense confrontations described above and his Martial Law statements to Congress and the Supreme Court last night.
As WE have been reporting for months OBAMA is an Illuminati puppet, likely foreign born who is controlled by BUSH, CLINTON and their minions he intentionally surrounded himself with. Please read the Fourwinds article A NEW MONETARY SYSTEM posted April 27th for a current and accurate overview of who and what he represents and as you do so keep in mind that all the domestic political emergency rule and theft of the Republic and cancellation of the Constitution is by and for the same predators discussed in this article. Unless the American people in general and the OBAMA worshipers in particular are willing to wake up and smell the coffee generations of citizens will be relegated to slave labor to repay the trillions being delivered to their buddies on a silver platter at taxpayer expense.
Now we wait to see whether deliveries and announcements occur or whether the WAR continues.
                  casper  4-30-09