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Those quoting the storyline of Monday then Tuesday delivery followed by OBAMA announcements Wednesday had once again bought the "company line" put out by the ABC BOYS and OBAMA.
When Dr. WU and "Little Big Man", DR. YING, left the U.S. suddenly last Thursday they were transporting ONE TRILLION DOLLARS OF GOLD TO CHINA ILLEGALLY ON BEHALF OF OBAMA,BUSH AND CLINTON.
YING, who WE know personally, or thought WE did, has been working, it turns out, for BUSH SENIOR for the last 20 years.
He had been telling us the accounts of OBAMA, BUSH, CLINTON, THE CONGRESS (both HOUSE AND SENATE), the JUDICIARY, etc., which had been set up for each of them and all of them, had been frozen. It was a lie, actually a long series of lies.
They (WU and YING) knew WE were looking into these accounts so they "buried" them even deeper in the hope WE could not locate them.
OUR Intel regarding these accounts and the Gold transport was given to YINGS boss in CHINA who remains the friend of the American people and program participants.
This opened the door to investigation from over there exposing all that WU and YING had been doing against us for years.  
WU and YING have been arrested and are singing like canaries, outcome for them personally unknown at this moment.
The accounts mentioned above have been seized.  
Our accounts had been structured so that upon access 58% to 65% would have automatically been lost.
YING was at the heart of this intended theft also and his "word" that this particular scam had been defeated a couple of weeks ago was also a lie.
YINGS computers, disks, records, files, etc. have been seized.
OBAMA, BUSH, CLINTON, etc. are demanding "their" money back which was stolen from the American people and the Programs.
BUSH SENIOR, in his call to RED CHINA was informed he had stolen the money and would not be getting it back. \
He was so informed not by the CHI-COMS but by OUR FRIENDS who are controlling the money, that it is his turn to join the poverty lines.
The packages are in D.C. this morning, status unknown at this moment.
More when possible.
                  casper   4-28-09
PS: The $1T of GOLD taken to CHINA was recovered Sunday and is being returned to the U.S. under armed guard.