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A deal is a deal........ and WE got in on the deal making yesterday.
The deal was : WE would not wash anymore dirty laundry in public pending deliveries today.
This morning the packs are back in Treasury, ..........SOOOOOOOO-- LET'S TALK!!!
The packs were moved from the White House to Treasury yesterday morning and left Treasury around noon EST supposedly for delivery today.
The "doctors" referred to in previous updates were all from ASIA and there were several of them in D.C. to "overcome OBAMA and get the deal done". They had arrived a week or so ago the day following our exposure of the Countries assets being missing. That was a very major happening as the Countries assets had been stolen over time beginning with the BUSH SENIOR Administration and they had been moved to CHINA and this also included "The Emperors Gold".
These doctors were not here to help us but rather to handle the cover-up of the CHI-COMS participation with successive Presidents in the theft of the worlds assets. The leader of this bunch was/is DR. WU who it turns out was working for the Red Chinese. Recall that at that time WE reported OBAMA was claiming he had our codes and we would never see the packages. The codes were provided to him by Dr. WU.. WU and group skedaddled out of the U.S. Thursday making the fatal error of failing to say goodbye.
WE knew something was not right and learned overnight Thursday about the 21T mentioned in our last update which was verified in several ways Friday morning and actually turned out to be more than twice that amount which was interest due the MING and CHINA on instruments using all program funds as collateral.
They had renewed these instruments for another two years.This entire scam unraveled in a matter of hours and the ASIANS reputations were destroyed in the process.
It was WU who instigated the dis-information about the thirty some odd arrests overnight Wednesday and also the disinfo about the 147 arrests in the U.S. on Thursday and a variety of other lies designed to divert attention from the primary scam disclosed herein .  Also, if you recall the J&J boys in CHINA, both CHI-COMS, they are now running free and met with BUSH JUNIOR in CHINA Saturday a week ago today. That was part of the ongoing attempted deal making between the CHI-COMS and OBAMA/BUSH at our expense.
All of these goings on track back to OBAMAS attempts to use the Gold in Ft. Knox and the Countries assets as collateral in trades, that's when this can of worms was opened. The Countries representatives arrived here under emergency conditions ,as did the ASIANS, and it has been cloak and dagger ever since.
The World Court was involved from the moment of disclosure and has whip sawed back and forth more times than WE can count while bringing complete disgrace upon themselves in the process.
Although WU/OBAMA did get into some of our accounts using the codes provided by WU they were not able to extract our funds as the accounts were blocked by others unknown to WU and OBAMA.
Along the way, the Military became involved and had the packages in their possession more than once this past week. There were internal conflicts with those owing their careers to BUSH stopping deliveries and eventually they delivered the packs to the White House where they were held by OBAMA in the "bunker" until yesterday morning as internal conflicts among the rest of the players, indeed the world, raged simultaneously behind the scenes.
The Countries assets ,and lord knows how much of the American peoples assets, were physically moved to CHINA over time going back to BUSH SENIOR, the purpose MAY have been to secure CHINA'S ongoing funding of the U.S. as WE can now confirm that the CHI-COMS have been carrying OBAMA over and above normal Treasury auctions.
There is reportedly an Emergency Banking Meeting going on in D.C. this morning ,separate and apart from the World Bank and IMF meetings. The likely cause is that the tens of Trillions discussed herein being retrieved will likely cause major bank failures in the U.S. as their "paper flim flam games" tying everything they have been doing into the use of our program funds as collateral is coming unraveled literally overnight.
They were propping up the major domestic banks using more of their worthless paper financial exotica to do so.
Mid day today, Saturday, the packs are back in Treasury reportedly having something reflecting the recapture of these stolen Trillions added to the packs.
The pendulum has swung back our way again but don't lose sight of the fact that the Criminals in D.C. are truly desperate now.
More when possible unless deliveries arrive first.
               casper  4-25-09