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It's no exaggeration to say that every source and messenger on the planet expected deliveries today by Military.
Interpol was to locate, inspect and see to it deliveries occurred today.
Don't forget, it is the Queen who pays Interpol's salaries.
The packs were located "in the bunker" in the White House where the Military had taken them on orders of OBAMA.
The Military agreed they would get them out and get them delivered today.
Tonight they are still in the bunker at the White House.
WE do not believe the BUSH/OBAMA/PRC/COUNTRIES/WORLD COURT "DEAL" got done.
WE do believe the current blockage is 100% BUSH/OBAMA and the Military is following their orders to the letter.
The Military said this afternoon "when will you fools learn you are never going to see these packages".
This is all WE have right now, WE are trying to determine "what next".
                casper   4-23-09