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Tonight WE have been working on and feel sure WE now have it confirmed that 34 arrest warrants have been issued for black hats in this country "starting with the top down". For you MESSIAH WORSHIPPERS that means the "walk on water man himself". WE hear all will be served before day break.  The charges are Embezzlement, attempted Embezzlement, TREASON and 20 other charges.
Action, reaction.
The Countries told the World Court that "they are an embarrassment to the world".
WE hear the news media in the U.S. and in Europe have been notified of the warrants. WE hear the news media in the U.S. is already calling around looking for answers.
Some of the 'players" are complaining they have to read the Casper updates to find out what's going on.
More tomorrow,
             Casper   4-22-09   #3