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For a brief moment mid day it appeared problems involving the Military had been dealt with and we were back on go.
Late afternoon the packs are still in D.C. in posession of the Military and they have orders from OBAMA and BUSH to never let them go, again saying, along with the Military now saying, we will never see them.
Simultaneously OBAMA and BUSH are reported to be "HIGH". Unsure whether that means drugs or they think they have won a final victory.
WE have no further Intel at this time, unsure what will happen next, will report when possible.
                 casper   4-22-09  #2
p.s. The Military has now told the World Court to "kiss their ass", they will not follow their orders.
p.p.s. More Intel arriving as I type: From OBAMA's mouth to your ears dated 10 minutes ago.
        "We will never see the packages, he will first declare Martial Law and have all of us arrested".  He will "pick us up and send us to jail". He will "get this money one way or another".