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When your constituency is as uninformed as that of the liberals,   a scam a day is not really that difficult.
Take the "$2T in budget savings over 10 years" they harp on constantly. They assumed the Iraq surge, at $180B annually, would continue for 10 years for budgeting purposes, then, since the surge has already ended, VIOLA, they just saved $180B X ten years. As Krauthammer pointed out over the weekend, why not assume the $700B bailout to be an annual expense for ten years then claim 7T has been saved ?
Another daily scam for the lolly pop crowd, "a tax cut for ninety five percent of the people". While returning some tax funds in a highly visible way with fanfare they simultaneously raise taxes quietly in a variety of  different ways, impossible for the people to escape, resulting in very large overall tax increases. Next will come taxes foe Government sponsored health care and the equally large cost of "environmental related taxation" which they intend to "Internationalize".
Then we have the Banks raising all manner of fees on depositors and increasing interest rates on credit cards after we the people have funded trillions of dollars to save them from themselves. Sort of a "thank you" America campaign and another Government/Banking sponsored scam.  
D.C. and the Banks are criminal enterprises. Nothing they say can be trusted as they are in bed together. Bank P&L's are a lie and the "stress test" will continue the lies on an even larger scale as they value their junk assets at inflated prices. Another scam on top of many previous banking scams and to be followed by the greatest scam yet, the "public private" partnerships laying more trillions off on the taxpayers.  
These daily con jobs are bad enough but some of it might be considered "politics as usual". These domestic financial frauds are part of the much larger International Financial Frauds designed to preserve themselves (ILLUMINATI) in power at all cost. Losing this Banking/Financial WAR leads to exposure of CRIMINAL ACTS by successive PRESIDENTS and CONGRESS' and in addition to their loss of "control", it may actually lead to their imprisonment for life. Having already committed unimaginable acts of fraud, embezzlement and TREASON there is nothing, absolutely nothing "they" won't do to avoid exposure, loss of control and possible imprisonment. Over time we/you have learned about many aspects of these never ending frauds and their willingness to flush the entire world to save themselves and maintain control. It is bigger than reported here. It is beyond OUR complete understanding and WE deal with it around the clock. It involves all the WESTERN FINANCIAL ENTITIES such as the IMF, WORLD BANK, BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, ETC.. and it involves all the U.S. money center banks and their counter party derivative deals with money center banks around the world. It is, from their perspective, a fight for the status quo, a continuation of their fiat fantasy world.
There are forces of equal or greater power opposing them and here WE encounter an inability to go into detail at this time for the primary reason it would not help and it might hinder efforts to get the deal done. And so, of necessity, WE remain quiet about these matters with the exception of course of those things WE have posted in recent updates in an attempt to help you understand the intensity of the confrontation. Observe the blocking of Trades, the "handling" of Countries, the confiscation of payoffs, the back and forth with the World Court, the expectation of New Banking, the Constitution and metals backed currency and the constant confrontation with OBAMA and others and you see enough and know enough to realize that the white hats are present and doing their work. You can also observe the great number of peripheral but semi-related issues such as CHI COM Government corruption, debts to Chinese Emperors and Dynasty Families, missing assets stored in the U.S., ponzi schemes everywhere, constant activity surrounding world leaders and institutions and on and on the list goes which helps us to understand that there are many many things going on simultaneously.
A positive outcome for us has always been in the hands of others and that is still true.
WE do spend a great amount of energy trying to explain who did what to whom today and yesterday. Even so, given the many years these updates have been written you must surely know, even if WE don't discuss it every single day, that there has never been much doubt or vacillation by us that things are working out as we have described here a hundred or more times and reporting today's bumps in the road does not change our perception of the pending outcome.
More specific detail when possible.
                      casper   4-20-09  #2