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This update is for everyone of course but most especially for the MESSIAH WORSHIPERS who think their hero walks on water.
The packs, having left Treasury around 6 p.m. last night, were returned to Treasury at midnight on orders of:   OBAMA and John Roberts.
Yesterday John Roberts sent paperwork to the World Court demanding immunity for OBAMA and others to try to avoid charges of Embezzlement and Treason. This has been rejected by the Court. He has now threatened the World Court and our "FRIENDS"  saying anyone who opposes him "will be removed at all cost".
Roberts, acting for OBAMA, is trying to "shake down" the Countries for additional money, the very same Countries from which they have stolen trillions of dollars of their Precious Metals.
They are broke. "Roberts is on a shake-down cruise".
More when possible,
              casper   4-20-09