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Listen up all you "scum and trash" out there, (OBAMA's EXACT WORDS).
There has been so much going on behind the scenes involving OBAMA (from the Caribbean), The Countries, The World Court and others all weekend WE can't possibly cover all the details but here are the highlights.
A Federal Prosecutor in D.C., not a name you would recognize, was to present evidence of Embezzlement against OBAMA and others to a Grand Jury almost immediately.
Simultaneously, friends of ours, yours and mine, were explaining the facts of life to the Countries. The Countries decided they didn't want any part of what was coming down and cut their strings with OBAMA. Under pressure from them and our friends The World Court simultaneously flip flopped back to our side correctly perceiving they had no other choice.
A Federal Judge in Washington D.C., acting on orders of a certain SECRETARY OF STATE, bribed said prosecutor and no presentation was made to the Grand Jury as planned. WE have been asked to withhold the name of the prosecutor and the amount of the payoff but it will be forthcoming later.
This activity led OBAMA to brag, from the Caribbean, that our side can take its best shot, that he has the prosecutor in his pocket, he has the World Court in his pocket and he will continue to trade. He went on to say that all Presidents do it and no one will testify against him or them as they have methods of dealing with those who do. The payoff to the prosecutor has been confiscated. WE HEAR every Federal Judge and Prosecutor in D.C. has been bought.
At the time all this was happening OBAMA did not yet know that the World Court had flipped back to our side and has again today ordered the packs back out for delivery.
The weekly drivel you are getting from other "messengers" is the blind leading the blind. WE have met farm animals with more intelligence and turtles with more get up and go.
Instead of taking the steady flow of FACTS provided them and trying to lend a helping hand all they do is spin in circles saying no, no, it just can not be. It can be and it is just as WE are describing it to you.
The World Court has also ordered NO MORE TRADING AT ALL, PERIOD.
OBAMA has now undertaken to try to negotiate terms, through third parties, to avoid charges of Treason and Embezzlement. It is not OBAMA who will cause our return to the Constitution as he has fought that and our funding every step of the way. Realize please there are things WE can't post at this time even if this turns out to be our final update due to pending deliveries. You are no doubt wanting to know who to thank for saving our Country and our funding, after God I mean.  Simply "thank and pray for the Doctors who are fixing our illnesses" even though you don't fully understand the meaning of this.
                     casper   4-19-09