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 There are things I would rather be doing on a Friday night.
The reason OBAMA will not let the F.C. & O packs be delivered is because they are once again attempting to trade using that particular money as collateral.
The World Court is deeply involved in this endeavor with OBAMA to create some 'thin air money' for the U.S. to use to repay the countries for their trillions in lost precious metals.
Our accounts are downloaded to our individual names and the attempts to access and the attempts to use our accounts as collateral for trades is EMBEZZLEMENT clear cut and dried and any individual will be entitled to sue the Court and Obama and the Countries for amounts far in excess of the account balances.
There are lots of Attorneys out of work in this country who will be glad to handle our cases on contingency as the upside is so great and the cases are a slam dunk.
The American people are not responsible for the debts incurred by the D.C. Criminals or their thefts of other peoples money and will not tolerate any false claims to the contrary.
The Countries have been warned, any Country accepting one penny of our funds will be liable for treble damages and charges of EMBEZZLEMENT and TREASON. They are not letting their own people know what is going on, they are desperate to cover up their loss of assets and their own willingness to participate in CRIMINAL CONDUCT.
OBAMA continues with the attempts to trade, once again they are being blocked.
The situation has been very intense since the Countries left the White House meetings and there is Intel WE just can't discuss at this time.
These TREASONOUS CLOWNS are not without offsets and opposition and you and I are not without friends and allies.
                      casper   4-17-09   #2