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At midnight last night the packs were returned to Treasury on orders of OBAMA.
The Countries missing the Gold and Silver, which is gone, can not be recovered.
A meeting of OBAMA and these Countries took place in the White House last night. Obama told the Countries he will need a couple of days to repay their money and would do so from our accounts. He then showed the Countries our accounts on the computer. The Countries present were very happy about this as they would retrieve their missing money. They were on cloud nine.
Someone asked how he could access the accounts? He said he has the access codes and computer experts on stand by who can access the accounts in seconds.
Someone else said " BUSH SENIOR has not been able to access them, nor BUSH JR., nor CLINTON, and you have tried to access them three times without success, explain how you can now do this". 
The Countries were then shown out of the meeting to where BILL GATES top Computer expert was waiting. WE can name him but not right now please.
Go ahead and access he was told. Several minutes later he was having no luck and the Countries said "you said you could access in seconds". Hours later "The Expert" was still unable to access.
The Countries euphoria bubble was destroyed.
In the meeting OBAMA said "We (thats you and me) are scum and trash and we do not need or deserve this money".        This is a direct quote.
Other developments followed later in the evening which we are working on.
If this is not the clearest case yet of EMBEZZELMENT and TREASON then you tell me what TREASON is.
Good morning Mesiah Worshipers, are you awake yet?  
              casper   4-16-09   #2