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Its a war. Action, Reaction.
As WE said yesterday there would be reaction to OBAMA'S illegally trading the assets of the American people (Ft Knox) and the assets of other countries stored in the U.S.
The first reaction which occurred yesterday was to lien the trades which precludes OBAMA'S intended distribution of money made from the use of OPM to CHINA and others.
The second reaction was the concerned countries confirming the truth of our reporting followed by ALL of them arriving in the U.S. overnight to inspect their assets stored here.
The third reaction was these countries confrontation with the World Court this morning as it had assisted OBAMA'S ongoing blockage of deliveries.
The fourth and additional reactions are underway now but can not be posted at this moment. Lets just say that OBAMA is getting the short end of the stick, or more accurately, he is left with a handful of splinters.
Based on current news and can't discuss it inside information WE suggest you stay home tomorrow.
                  casper   4-15-09   #2