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 Over night the World Court stopped deliveries and ordered packs back into Treasury where they reside this morning.
In response to our updates yesterday other countries sent representatives into the U.S. armed with "warrants" to inspect their assets stored in the U.S.. All such countries are represented here now and say they WILL inspect their assets. Unknown as yet is whether their assets are intact.. OBAMA is refusing to meet with them.
A statement attributed to the World Court was to the effect that the money is not available to pay the programs, that if packs were delivered without sufficient backing they would be liable.  Certainly the money is not available if they and OBAMA with the possible cooperation of CHINA are in the process of once again stealing the funds. Every day OBAMA repeats his statements that he will not allow the programs to fund as do his closest aides.
Additional sources have now confirmed the trades disclosed here yesterday and have also confirmed the LIENS. If the validity of the liens are to be adjudicated at the World Court and if they have flip flopped over to OBAMA you can observe the approaching potential problem ..........
The other countries are expressing SHOCK that the World Court would do this as they had no idea what is going on in this country until WE call it to their attention.
May WE suggest, as WE did with the Trustees yesterday, that they take off their Rose Colored Glasses and Get with the Program and Wake up and Smell the Coffee.
The World Court is telling some of these countries they did not stop the deliveries which means they are talking from both sides of their mouth as they  most certainly did order them back into Treasury.
more when possible.
                 casper   4-15-09