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 Continuing now with this mornings update:   BUSH SENIOR SOLD THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES TO CHINA
Yesterday a certain carrier, known to us, picked the packs up from Treasury. A short time later they were returned to Treasury. This morning OBAMA said he will not let them go again.
WE can now confirm that in addition to the deal with CHINA, OBAMA did in fact make a deal with the World Court, the exact details of which are unknown but it boils down to the Court cooperating with rather than opposing OBAMA.
WE can't help but wonder to what extent the rest of the world is aware of these unfolding developments?
The aspect of this story that STORY has never grasped is that the ability to quickly generate phenomenal sums of money from such trades is in itself an abomination which is not made clean and honest because it is done privately from London as suggested by STORY with taxable proceeds to Governments rather than by Governments themselves. It is a Fraudulent Financial Construct which was to be ended with Basel II and III and the world was to return to traditional honest generation of profits on a level playing field.
Changing the name of the perpetrator of this unholy generation of enormous and quick profits from "Governments" to "Private Parties"  while normal people work for peanuts is the core activity of corrupt finance and of the fiat money creation game.
It is a fraud on its face and OBAMA, with the cooperation of CHINA and the World Court as well is, as WE hear it, moving forward with what amounts to the recapitalization of the existing and wholly corrupt world financial order.
Everyone wants their money. The U.S. can't pay. This is the planned method to get CHINA and perhaps others paid albeit with a debased currency.
There is a group of people, a very large group of people, a group we call the "Messiah Worshipers", who just can't entertain the possibility OBAMA is corrupt.
There is a smaller group of people who are aware of the truth of what we report here, who take the position he is a double agent working for us in spite of the evidence to the contrary.
Then there is our group which may be to small to be called a group, which has observed and reported his illegal activities diligently and has said to the world, "if you can explain these criminal activities please step forward and do so".  No one has. The larger group supports their position with the common knowledge that "first rail" activities have proceeded and all is in readiness but have not taken to heart our cautions that this "readiness" is subject to the "second rail" agreeing to let things go. OBAMA and the U.S. CORPORATE GOVERNMENT are at the heart of second rail blockage and if they are able, as planned, to pay off other second rail world powers with money generated from ongoing fraudulent government controlled trading, and the other world powers are willing to accept this method of payment, and if the World Court has approved this method of payment, then what remains?
We remain, unpaid, with little or no help or hope to overcome his plans to recapitalize the entire world with fraudulent trades using the assets of the American people and the assets of other countries stored in the U.S. as collateral.
And while we are sufficiently pissed off, and before discretion gets the better part of valor, WE will go ahead and disclose that WE HEAR that BUSH SENIOR SOLD THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES TO CHINA SOME YEARS AGO. This puts CHINA in control of the CORPORATION which controls the United States and which acts in the capacity of the legitimate Government of the United States-which it is not-and therefore, ipso facto, CHINA controls the UNITED STATES and the United States and all the incorporated subsets of the UNITED STATES and all its employees which includes OBAMA. And this intell dove tails nicely with previous intell saying that CHINA is controlling the biggest U.S. Banks either directly or indirectly. What do you suppose happens to U.S. Banks should CHINA withdraw deposits or sell the Bonds they own? And this intell dovetails nicely with previous intell that CHINA has bought the FED RES.  Now do you understand why OBAMA is hell bent busy reversing the age old policies of our country developed over decades under many Presidents of both parties?
If this is not TREASON you tell me what TREASON is??
OPINION--->     OBAMA is a foreign born man, financed with foreign money, and supported by those who don't know, and can not be expected to know, that they and their country are being "overthrown", by a controlled puppet of NWO Communism, in the employ of CHINA, or more accurately, a puppet of an Ideology (Communism) in the employ, of the NWO and the UNITED NATIONS, being foisted upon the American people under the flag of "CHANGE".     <---OPINION.   
This is what was going on behind the scenes this past weekend. If, as WE believe and now have confirmed, the World Court has authorized these trades under pressure from the "players" and those who have stopped all trades until now can no longer do so, or more accurately, are under World Court Orders not to do so, then we must look for help to those who have leined these trades and await further news in this regard.  
STORY has referred to this as a "virtual economy", a "virtual world" and he is correct. You and I live and work in the "real" world, a world in which we are and will be slaves to debt while "they" operate in a clandestine world of high finance, fraudulent finance where those in control create "out of thin air" almost over night all they need to maintain control. It appears OBAMA has convinced the Chi-Coms and possibly others, who were no doubt willing participants, to engage in the above described ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES their motivation being to get their money one way or another. The debts owed by the U.S. to CHINA and the Families are not really "program related". Much of it is pre World War Two. However, so long as the U.S. is dependent upon the program payouts and attendant tax receipts the "East" was a very major force for getting the programs funded. One reasonable GUESS might be that the tax receipts are not sufficient to pay CHINA much less all the other creditors and that may be why OBAMA must have additional fraudulent finance activity to survive. Remember, all "they" are and all they do is FED RES/CORPORATION/ILLUMINATI/STATUS QUO oriented and their debts do not belong to WE THE PEOPLE or to the United States, only to THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION.
Is it not obvious they are trying every trick possible to lay this debt off on the American people?
That they have managed to do so to the tune of TRILLIONS already, and that only the demise of the FED and the CORPORATION can preclude an outcome of debt slavery for generations of Americans?
This time the OBAMA trades included not only the assets of the American peoples Gold and other Precious Metals but also those of other nations stored in the U.S., a clear cut act of EMBEZZLEMENT for any nations willing to confront him and bring charges.
To Trustees WORLDWIDE WE say, it is time you stop swallowing your daily spoon of pabulum and get with the program if you ever expect to be paid and that goes for the hundred or so of the "Investors" some think got paid Sunday.
Do they have access?  
Of course not.
The above described trade or trades, which were implemented over the weekend, ARE BEING LIENED, Not by those who previously blocked all attempts but by others representing our interest.
By the time OBAMA finished his "save the world" speech on television this morning he or his will have learned of this development to thwart this latest scam and via this update the rest of the world, in the process of getting screwed right along with us, will learn also and it is likely they will have something to say about it soon.  
The outcome of all this is obviously up in the air at this moment. WE must await further developments and further Intel.
                   casper   4-15-09
p.s. Please don't go bananas on us or yourself over this update. This is a war. Action, reaction. The above describes OBAMA's action, the liens filed on these trades is the first of the reactions. There will no doubt be additional reactions.