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WE are not gone after all darn it, and WE are not the least bit happy about it.
Yesterday we said we expect deliveries early this week but we were "saying that with no knowledge of outcomes of the weekend meetings" or possible "showdown" in D.C..
WE are now beginning to "tap into" those goings on, it is not in our favor and that is why we are not gone.
Something WE have never divulged is that money provided the U.S. over many many decades, while using the PRC communist government as the conduit, was actually being provided to the U.S. by the Dynasty families.
Today WE are hearing a deal was made over the weekend allowing two or more trades to go through at least one of which involves the Ft Knox Gold and other Precious Metals including the Precious Metals of other countries stored in the U.S.  And that the proceeds will  be used to repay CHINA and in turn the "families" causing all of them to withdraw from the "battlefield".
It was representatives of the PRC Central Committee who were in D.C. last weekend making deals with OBAMA and other ILLUMINATI PUPPET PRESIDENTS.
WE have positive proof of the above and WE HEAR that OBAMA has made a deal with the World Court that he will not let the packs go again and they will not pursue the funding of the people.
The trades mentioned above have not been stopped but they have been "liened" not by those who normally block such activity but by others representing us.  
This illegal use of other countries assets stored in the U.S. is obviously EMBEZZELMENT and the use of our citizens assets for fraudulent finance purposes is obviously TREASON.
This is what all the secrecy in D.C. was all about this past weekend.
A detailed explanation will be posted later in the day. 
                   casper   4-15-09 #1