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Regarding an internet post today by KOS???
King of Swords??? who claims to work with Ashtar??? and St Germain???
Claiming that Casper works for BUSH SENIOR is without question the stupidest thing I have yet seen on the net.
Either this person/entity is completely unfamiliar with our updates over the years or he is himself in the employ of BUSH's "ABC Boys. "
Also on the net today is an attack upon "Poofie" saying if the programs don't fund Poofie is EVIL, which is the second most stupid post I have ever encountered.
Can anyone out there name one thing, one single thing espoused by KOS, Ashtar, etc. that has ever come to pass?
Neither can we. 
Does this mean he/they/it works for Senior, or that he is evil?????
WE work for program participants and no one else-ever.
Anyone who questions that at this late hour is either willfully blind or attempting to sandbag you and that especially goes for anyone passing themselves off as some kind of "Spiritual Guru".
If they had any kind of connection to anything "Spiritual" they would never ever post such a brazenly false and stupid remark.
As the Kings, Queens, Knights, Bishops and Rooks vie for control of the world we, the pawns, await our fate.
Informed that his latest ILLEGAL attempts to trade other peoples money, specifically the Gold in Ft Knox, had failed, and that he would never be allowed to complete another trade, and that his proposed theft of 58% of our funding would not be allowed, and that none of his other demands would be met either, OBAMA went Ballistic. The QUEEN and MERKLE for sure, and possibly Sarkozy, having made a deal with OBAMA for major portions of the expected trade profits went from happy happy to Ballistic overnight Friday as well upon learning their latest community scam had fallen through.
This was the latest planned method for OBAMA to make good on monies due the QUEEN and MERKLE and possibly Sarkozy and OBAMA'S current predicament, i.e. his inability to pay has the rats in the sack at each others throats all over again with threats flying in every direction overnight Friday. OBAMA was threatening everyone else that they will stand behind him in spite of his inability to pay, or else, while the others were receiving threats from other directions unknown to us if they do stick with OBAMA and his ongoing blockage of the settlements/deliveries. 
The ILLUMINATI PUPPET PRESIDENTS see the money, demand the money, claim ownership of the money and can not stand the thought that the little people might get the money. Attempting to use the gold in Ft Knox as collateral for trades is a reflection of the fact they are unable to access or tamper with our funds or the worlds funds any longer and is also a refection of their level of desperation. WE hear ALL of this activity has been overcome. By the way, C.T. does not have the authority to try to trade the Gold in FT Knox.
There are other things, bigger things, much bigger things, more intense things than those described here recently going on simultaneously the details of which WE are not privy to except an awareness of their existence. Saturday OBAMA was still belligerent and still claiming ownership of all funds.
Planes arrived from far away and confrontation continued.
One tangible outcome was that the packs were again removed from Treasury over the weekend but they are back in there again today. 
WE would love to provide a reasonable explanation for this confusing game of package ping pong but we can't because we don't understand it either. 
WE hear that things have gotten down right nasty and ugly in D.C..
WE also hear that all the ILLUMINATI PUPPET PRESIDENTS were present with OBAMA this weekend which might indicate some kind of showdown given the arrivals from abroad. Yes, this includes Senior.
WE often say we don't know everything because that is the actual truth, however it is equally true we often know things we can't report, sometimes per agreement with "friends" or more often, because the incomplete intell we have would require to much speculation by us for the can of worms to be opened at all.
WE perceive things to be more intense than ever before and the secrecy surrounding the goings on in D.C. is also very intense and the cover stories are flying.
This is not a good time to be speculating even if we identify it as such.  
WE believe deliveries will occur early this week based on a general overall knowledge of current circumstances but we say this with no knowledge of the outcomes in D.C. this weekend which occurred due to the ongoing intransigence of OBAMA. 
Good always defeats evil in the end but sometimes it just takes longer than we would like.
WE expect the long discussed announcements to follow deliveries.
Ninety five percent or so of the messages we have received over the years have been very positive and uplifting and often gave us the strength to keep on keeping on. Thank you for that. 
WE regret we were not able to do a better job for the five percent.
There is a very good possibility the time has come to say goodbye-AGAIN. Delivery will be sudden and we expect to go quiet immediately after and so, in anticipation of that, please remember and and other internet sites desperately trying to survive so they can continue to bring you the uncensored news. When the dam breaks, so to speak, the comatose public will suddenly be clamoring for information about unfolding events and the history leading to announcements.
What better place to direct them than the archives of Fourwinds where the writings of "S", Dr Schroeder, various messengers and thousands of contributors can be readily accessed?
Please support your country as defined by its Constitution and always respect the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line for us.
Let your voices be heard, help and lead those with less knowledge, share your wealth, follow the instructions, be safe and God Bless each of you. 
               Casper, Wendy and 'WE '