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So many things we could discuss, could point out to you.
Let us leave them wait in order to get this word to those who need to know.
"THEY", led by OBAMA, pledged the packs themselves and the content thereof as collateral for still more attempted trades during the last 36 hours, a repeat of BUSH activities from times gone by.   
No attempts were successful. No codes were broken.
Packs have been jerked back and forth so often from D.C. we have whiplash.
It really does appear to be a fight to the finish. How nice it would be if we could agree with all the Intel, especially the "Spiritually Oriented Intel", which insist OBAMA is wonderful, he is " The Man" so to speak.  
Unfortunately WE are burdened with knowledge of his ongoing activities and the comments of those "in the know" abroad who say OBAMA is the biggest liar on this planet, that he is the biggest con artist they have ever encountered and from there their language gets worse. It gets much worse.
When things like this occur many "cover stories" immediately hit the wires and everyone then says "tomorrow" without knowing why.
The WHY is because OBAMA and all those he works for and all those who work for him constantly sabotage deliveries.
Personally I think it is time for those, spiritual or otherwise, who still believe this man is not an extreme left wing socialist in public, and a communist at heart, and the man that his actions demonstrate him to be, to step forward and explain,if you can, his never ending actions against the funding, and our return to the Constitution. 
WE have an open mind but WE are not blind or stupid.
The packs, at least those WE have eyes on, are back in Treasury.
                       casper   4-8-09