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To the extent WE may sometimes know more than others it may be because we have "Second Rail" contacts previously defined (3-12-09) as the FED and other Central Banks, Treasury, Governments, Courts, Debtors and Creditors, Monetary Systems, Politics, Secret Societies, Monarchs, The Vatican, etc...
Ongoing delays continue to originate from Second Rail Players which continues to control First Rail readiness.
It is true that additional signoffs were extracted from OBAMA during his current trip including Basel I, II and III, Metals Backed Banking and a 72 hour release for deliveries to begin today. In still another example of how worthless his signature is, after the planes left D.C. yesterday to position packs for delivery today the planes were ordered back to D.C. while still in the air and the packs, upon landing, were returned to Treasury where they reside at this moment.
When informed of the above parties in Europe including heads of State suggested this would be dealt with very quickly, even today.
Meanwhile WE hear the J&J boys in CHINA (Jiabao&Jintao)  are facing a Madame WU type tribunal. Frankly speaking WE do not understand how their activities could have been unknown to The Central Committee.
Then there are the matters of Sarkozy threatening Merkle, OBAMA'S intention to shaft the Queen (trade proceeds), IMF Gold Sales, Shenanigans at U.S. Treasury, wide spread international confirmations the FED is gone, rumors of death threats here, there and yonder, deadlines, edicts and orders and miscellaneous rumors of the U.S. seeking alternative means of paying CHINA and the QUEEN monies owed without implementing agreements represented by documents signed by the U.S. President. Please don't expect us to "interpret" all this as we can't. WE may as well throw a can full of chicken bones into the air then try to interpret the results as they hit the ground. WE do our best to figure things out and report our opinions but the things going on now are at such a high level its virtually impossible to understand all of it.
What does seem clear is that every time the U.S. agrees to something, whether verbal or in writing, it is violated within hours. Those who have always insisted this is above BUSH or OBAMA continue to argue that point but facts on the ground, i.e. interference with deliveries, continues, we observe, to negate that point of view.
Meanwhile back in the U.S. preservation of the status quo via attempts to reflate the existing corrupt system can hardly be argued.
It is such a farce, such an obvious farce.
Virtually every program they (Paulsen, Geithner, Obama, Bush) have introduced is fraudulent and has as its goal preservation of corrupt banks and their bondholders at the expense of taxpayers with the assistance of the politicians.
Considering OBAMAS deceitful political activity abroad along with the domestic fraudulent finance activities it also seems apparent the bad guys have not yet been completely defeated and are continuing a fight to the finish. Having "doubled down" already their decisions seem to represent a "tripling down" with "thin air money" being used to finance their attempt to save the status quo. 
Taxpayer funds and liability into these black holes can buy them some time at the expense of jobs and future debt enslavement of the people but changes nothing in terms of banks insolvency. Even their plans to address that problem are an out right FRAUD, actually it is the biggest of their many FRAUDS.
There is no doubt things "are ready to go". They have been ready, already.
Its mid afternoon and now WE are hearing things are looking up for tomorrow.
                     casper   4-7-09