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Multiple callers from Europe yesterday wish to know how WE could possibly know such things. Then they verified the previous reports as 100% accurate.
And said it would not be allowed to happen.
And said the suitcase would see the light of day.
And said the 25 page document would see the light also.
And said the arrest warrants for Treasury personnel would be served after a 72 hour waiting period, we shall see.
And said that all possible is being done to effect deliveries Monday.
Remember months ago when we reported that someone had given BUSH the codes necessary to get into our accounts at that time? That was WEN we now learn, the Finance Minister/Prime Minister of the PRC.
OBAMA and CHINA are trying to break into any account anywhere in the world which contain substantial funds, friend or foe does not matter, which speaks to the level of their desperation.
Action, reaction. The world is now reacting to the CHINA/OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON plans.
WE remind you that our calls are usually blocked and sometimes intercepted by the ABC boys some of whom probably do not realize they are participating in an attempted COMMUNIST take over of the country they swore allegiance to. Our calls which do get through are usually limited to 57 seconds the reasons for which you can surely discern. Minor mistakes in our reporting are inevitable, not that we know of any right now, as we have no time to go over and over details. An example would be whether or not I am correct regarding the name of the Chinese Finance Minister which was reported from memory. Should his name turn out to be Smith rather than WEN it does not change the overall accuracy of the Intel provided.
Since being returned to D.C. from Charlotte Friday afternoon the packages are still aboard the aircraft which is under armed guard on the tarmac.
From Europe this morning WE hear the QUEEN says she didn't know whether to take our admonition to "RELEASE IT" as a challenge or a compliment.( BOTH !!). 
From CHINA this morning WE hear that WEN JIABAO (Prime Minister who acts as Finance minister?) is, as a result of yesterdays exposures, claiming that everything he has done was on orders of his boss who is apparently HU JINTAO (President of PRC) who is himself, WE hear, now in deep doo doo with the "Central Committee".  Its a mess, a real mess and WE are intentionally avoiding any attempt to explain how the true "Money Interest" in CHINA fits into all this except to say the Communist Chinese Government is entirely dependent upon them. Among other comments today was a repeat that their "coffers are dry" due to their 15 year entrapment with CLINTON and BUSH and assurances that the orders of JINTAO and JIABAO are being "countermanded".
Five more trade attempts overnight, which they now understand will always be blocked, served as a diversion as they again tried without success to access accounts containing huge balances.
WE continue to hear that the heretofore "secret items" WE have mentioned will become public, we don't know when or who will release them.
Of course it is difficult to understand how CHINA could possibly be broke. WE don't fully understand it ourselves but it all ties into the worthless nature of FED RES script and credits and U.S. Treasury Instruments and it involves the world not just the U.S. and CHINA. "Full Faith and Credit" can carry things only so far and when that is exhausted another I.O.U. on a napkin or a Treasury Instrument is of no actual value. One of the "wise men" once said "It is our dollar but it is your problem". This is now a world phenomena exacerbated by the U.S./CHINA entrapment situation and further exacerbated by the white hot temperature of the printing presses.
In march another 742,000 Americans lost their jobs while the financial elite and D.C. politicians continued the financial corruption.
On Fourwinds now you simply must read "SATANS HORDES" which exposes the despicable behavior of Republicans and is to be followed by a similar exposure of the Democrats. Is this part of the SUITCASE? If not it should be. 
Please forward this to everyone on your e-mail list or better yet, refer them to Fourwinds.
(This is only the beginning).
WE again anticipate deliveries Monday but as always it is subject to today's actions by the black hats.
                        casper   4-5-09