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The situation between OBAMA and the QUEEN is far worse than reported previously and far worse than we can report now.  It has deteriorated into extreme "name calling", so much so that she wants certain "Something's" released to the public now to which WE SAY, "RELEASE IT, --You Have a Copy, You DON'T Need Permission".   OBAMA calling the QUEEN filthy names is truly sick.
The 25 page document he and CHINA are trying so desperately to suppress shows OBAMA to be an out and out TRAITOR and guilty of CRIMES against the American people which were preplanned and intentional and designed to DESTROY the United States and now I am not referring to the CORPORATE Government.  
Nine more trades have been attempted today, all were blocked. "They" tried to break into one of the largest Trust Accounts in the world, they failed. EUROPE is telling the CHINESE "no money for you".
CHINA says the U.S. Military is in disarray and they will have no trouble, to speak of, with them. (Wanna Bet?).
Nothing is as it appears.
OBAMA and the CHINESE are both desperate for money and trying every trick possible to grab our funds as there is no other source except, you guessed it, the printing presses.
Guess what that does to the value of CHINAS reserves which are already basically worthless as the U.S. can only pay with still more promises and more worthless pieces of paper.
The G-20, CHINA and the utterly corrupt U.S. CORPORATE Government, are up to their asses in alligators.
Its been a while since the alligators were fed, the French Revolution I think when poor Marie lost her head.
                 casper   4-4-09   p.m.