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The packs were returned from Charlotte to D.C. Friday where they remain stationary, not in Treasury or the Court but not moving either.
What follows comes from extremely high placed sources, you might say it comes from some of the most important sources in the world.
What follows should be as widely disbursed as possible especially to MILITARY PERSONAL.
Virtually every casper update for the past two months has observed the break neck speed at which the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is converting the U.S. to Socialism and WE have not been bashful in saying that much of what he is doing is pure COMMUNISM.
BUSH SENIOR, BILL & HILLARY CLINTON and OBAMA who was chosen for the task, acting in concert with the Communist Chinese Government, are implementing a full and complete takeover of the United States of America including the complete forfeiture of National Sovereignty and ending in a Totalitarian Dictatorship.
The method being employed is the preplanned Bankruptcy and subsequent collapse of the U.S. economy.  
Only World Court orders stand between our current circumstances and the planned outcome and as you can see neither OBAMA or CHINA are following those orders.
The PRC (Peoples Republic of China) finance minister (WEN, i think his name is) has admitted to all of this and says they (the Chinese Government) is working with OBAMA to accomplish this preplanned outcome which is well down the road to completion. He says all will be completed in less than three months.
Notice that Communist Ideology does not accommodate a large number wealthy and generous citizens but rather a robotic populace which chooses between submission to the State or prison.
Due to time constraints WE will skip over for now support detail such as CLINTONS hand over of the biggest U.S. port, the Port Of Long Beach, to CHINA, the hand over to China of both ends of the Panama Canal, China's ownership of some 22,000 U.S. golf courses and CHINA'S indirect control of major U.S. Banks not to mention HILLARY'S recent offer of EMINENT DOMAIN of the entire U.S. to the PRC which DID HAPPEN.
At the G-20 a 25 page document was circulated which accused OBAMA, GEITHNER and CONGRESS of EMBEZZLEMENT, LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, FRAUD and TREASON and which contained documented proof of the allegations.  CHINA is now doing everything possible to retrieve each and every copy of that document and to preclude the people of the world from seeing it.  
It must be emphasized that OBAMA, whether by personal choice or as a result of blackmail is a full participant with BUSH, CLINTON and the COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT.
This update is not a joke or an exaggeration. You are watching the preplanned bankruptcy unfold daily in the news and everything reported here, first learned from our own sources, has now been confirmed by the Chinese Finance Ministers own mouth.
The COMMUNIST are broke, flat broke. They are working with OBAMA, CLINTON and BUSH to try to seize all funds in all programs for themselves. The U.S. paper reserves held by CHINA can not be made good by the U.S., they are basically worthless. They gave BUSH and CLINTON so much money they are now entrapped and this is the planned way out for all of them. 
It is time for the MILITARY and every freedom loving American to WAKE UP.  OBAMA is likely foreign born and was certainly financed with much money from abroad.
WE don't know what will happen next but WE do now understand why OBAMA and GEITHNER have continued blocking deliveries regardless of the World Court Orders.
More when possible.
                 casper   4-4-09