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Tiny Tim Geithner, now back in the States and not to be outdone by Paulsen, and in response to the World Court order to get the packs back out of Treasury immediately, did so. He shipped them to Charlotte. No fooling. An arrest warrant for Geithner is promised for tomorrow, we shall see.
WE hear, from those present, that the happy face World Leaders are displaying for the media is a farce and has nothing to do with reality. Oh how I wish WE could tell all but we can't, not right now.  The "petting" which took place with Michelle and the Queen was before OBAMA tried to once again give "Her Majesty" the proverbial shaft.
OBAMA's many denunciations of America while on foreign soil speaking to a Socialist Europe is, in this writers opinion, a national disgrace.
Do you recall the writings of "S" in which he stated that our Treasury Secretary is actually an employee of the IMF which pays his salary? Hmmmm.
WE hear the packs, although returned to D.C. from Charlotte today, didn't make it back into Treasury and as a result      --  we are hopeful for tomorrow. --
                 casper   4-3-09   p.m.