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WE were "hopeful for today" because, on orders of the World Court, the packs had once again made it to the airport. This morning they are back in Treasury as OBAMA & GEITHNER continue to play the "Now you see 'em--Now you don't game".
The open WARFARE at the G-20 continued all day yesterday, through the night and even today. The World Court ordered OBAMA to get the packs out and to pay the QUEEN monies due her. He allowed as how he could not pay so he and Q decided to start trading OPM (other peoples money) again with a deal that proceeds would be used to pay Q. Then word slipped out that OBAMA intended to keep all funds from the trade and stiff the Queen---again.  Q was informed and now the rats in the sack are chewing on each others throats. The trade has been blocked. This latest fiasco has all of them over there extremely angry and there is even more to all of this than can be discussed at this time. WE hear but can not verify that arrest warrants are to be served on those in Treasury who followed OBAMA/GEITHNER orders to pull the packs back. The World Court has again issued orders for packs to leave Treasury for immediate delivery. As you can observe they follow the order to get them out then immediately pull them back, a favorite trick of BUSH and now OBAMA.
WE await further news regarding package movement and the outcomes and consequences of the illegal activity described above. OBAMA is with MERKLE in GERMANY today and will be meeting with SARKOZY. All relevant parties are aware of the above and we now await further news from the battlefield.
Our funding represents debt free money into the economy with escrowed tax receipts to the government. Their alternative is the issuance of massive fiat debt billed to the taxpayer.
We are being held hostage by a government doing the bidding of the ILLUMINATI BANKERS.
Debt enslavement is a control mechanism of those plotting and scheming for rapid conversion of America to a Socialist/Communist/Illuminati/Police State.
Accounting rule changes are being ordered by Congress to allow the Banks to lie about the value of toxic assets in front of their pawning them off on the people. At every turn it becomes more and more clear that ALL decisions are being made in favor of the Banks at the peoples expense in order to try to save the existing fiat debt based banking system.
As with BUSH, no matter what documents he signs, no matter what promises are made, no matter the orders received from world authorities, OBAMA simply can not be trusted as he is a puppet for the money interest whose only concern is self preservation. This morning it is disclosed that banks previously receiving TARP (taxpayer) funds will now use those funds to buy toxic assets from each other. This is CRIMINAL. The purpose is to try to establish an inflated value for the toxic garbage in front of dumping it onto taxpayers. The incest and CRIMINAL behavior of the EXECUTIVE/CONGRESS/BANKS/THE FED and WALL STREET could not be more clear. There appears to be no limits to the corruption of these entities all under the guise of working for the people.
What they are doing domestically runs parallel with the sabotage of our funding and in turn the worlds funding. One scam follows another like clockwork with regular diversions provided to an uninformed public. Even the "talking heads" are to a point they can no longer discuss anything of a financial nature without the obvious corruption slipping out in conversation. With less and less money available from the awakening world to finance their scams "they" have resorted to the printing presses which means the taxpayers are being forced to fund the corruption which is now beyond anything thought possible in our country.
More when possible.
                  casper   4-3-09