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Anyone who thinks GEITHNER works for the taxpayers or for our country should see a doctor immediately.
This man should be forced to wear a sign around his neck identifying himself as an employee of the Banks.
The same with OBAMA. Having provided multiple bailouts already, in some cases two or three bailouts of the same institutions such as CITI, AIG and B.ofA., all at the expense of taxpayers, GEITHNER now announces he is going to get another 137B to them "as quickly as possible".
As this "forced taking" of taxpayer funds is handed to banks on a silver platter it is now disclosed that DODD has been paid $281,038.  by AIG not counting whatever his wife was paid for sitting on a subsidiaries board.
Its not just DODD and not just AIG. The flow of "kickbacks" between Banks and Politicians who voted to give them taxpayer funds is rampant in D.C. as CONGRESS is little more than a WHOREHOUSE working for the money interest just like GEITHNER and OBAMA. As TRILLIONS manufactured from thin air is disbursed to these corrupt institutions run by criminals the money disappears "into thin air" as fast as it comes in with the only tangible result being the further enslavement of the people to debt so large it can never be repaid.
This is not "Democracy" anymore than it is Constitutional (Republican) government. It is ownership of D.C. by the financial elite on display for every American to see if they will but look. The Politicians are silly putty in the hands of criminals. Like giant leeches the Political/Money Interest Partnerships are sucking the lifeblood of the country for their personal benefit at phenomenal speed. Propping up failed banks and financial institutions with never ending public financing will leave the American people bankrupt and under absolute control of the criminals who are perpetrating one scam after another and billing all of it to We the People. By refusing to allow free markets to work and punish the failed criminal institutions, freedom itself is being lost to a Socialist/Communist financial cabal which purchases and employs rubber stamp politicians with no more difficulty than purchasing a dozen donuts.
And now for the news;
Much is going on behind the scenes including additional rulings in our favor at the World Court today.. WE hear they have issued orders for delivery tomorrow and notified OBAMA of their forthcoming ruling before he left the States this morning. We also hear indictments will be coming down for OBAMA and others. Where as most observers and commentators are expecting little or nothing from the G-20 meetings WE continue to hear of major announcements being likely including those items we have often discussed such as debt forgiveness, Constitution, Banking changes, etc.. From very early this morning we were hearing deliveries Wednesday not today and this ruling supports that outcome. If this occurs will OBAMA be allowed to attend? WE don't know the answer but those reporting his being barred have not changed their tune today.
A wise commentator said not long ago that when "they" are about to do something big, communications will be cut and right on cue here comes the "conflicker" virus scheduled for activation tomorrow worldwide. Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, etc. have all issued warnings. It is being discussed on all channels due to its seriousness and latent capabilities for receiving new instructions April first. They say it could shut down tens of thousands of web sites tomorrow not to mention damage to personal computers, e-mails and files. A $250,000. reward is offered for info leading to the perpetrator. Update your security features immediately. This virus is windows based.
                   casper  3-31-09