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When we said the packages had made it to the airport Friday that was true.
Then they were pulled back as we reported, then we reported they were back out again with the help of the World Court, that was false. They had moved them from one secret place in Treasury as instructed by OBAMA to a different secret place causing certain flies on the wall to report they were out when it fact they had only left the place they had been "hidden". It took the "janitors" most of the day to find them but they did, eventually, making todays first update correct.
While this childish routine was underway WE had been investigating WHY they were playing games with the packs and as WE had suspicioned they were trading the money again this time with the co-operation of certain parties in CHINA.
WE don't know which money/whose money/how much money was traded, it really does not matter. It was a three day trade coming off at midnight tonight. This game they have been playing the last few years of "you can't catch me" has become ever more sophisticated using Banks in ever more remote and difficult to locate-locations.
As usual this trade was uncovered but only after the full time all out effort of several specialist and the funds from the trade have been seized. Again we remind you, it is not necessary they have posession of the funds being traded, only that they have the appropriate corrupt "helpers" willing to accept the funds as collateral.
When confronted OBAMA denied the above. Upon presentation of irrefutable proof he admitted to it.
At the time of the most recent "peek-a-boo" the packs were still in Treasury. Rumor has it something may get done about that tonight so keep your fingers crossed.
As of Sunday night multiple sources were still reporting the U.S. being barred from the G-20 meetings. WE await further news about this while doubting the above illegal activities will have helped OBAMA change anything.
More when possible.
                    casper   3-30-09   mid evening